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    FTB Revelation server crashing (v3.2.0)

    I've got a FTB Revelation server which im hosting myself, I've had it happen that everything freezes up and the disconnects everybody serveral times now, after which the server shits itself and dies. Crashreport: Next to some changes nothing...
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    The moment you become a Texture artist I made it im officially a texture artist for big modpacks Kappa Just some fun with Darkosto when he wanted a new texture. Heres the OG copy: inspiration found here
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    Solved Void Resource Miner pulls up Chisel blocks

    It is working as it is meant to be. It will also pull up the raw blocks, everything is a % chance of being pulled from the void. Unless you've 100% confirmed that it is only pulling chiseled variants.
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    so it has been quite some time, and being sick for nearly a week doesnt help further progress sadly... goddamn flu. As I was following DW20's current LP series he started playing with Draconic Evolution, a mod I've always loved for everything it has. And well I saw it and I thought I will do...
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    Nether going to give you up

    How fast can you progress holy o.O. And how do you feel about the leveling system? I've been following Pahi and Dire's serie but not convinced that its actually more than annoyance at this point.
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    New day New post :D! So today it came to my attention that getting Mica is possible in only 1 way.... a resource miner... luckily I had a decent amount of lithrite build up already so crafting the rest wasnt that much of a problem. Then it came to my attention that if i have it import into my...
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    Well i just thought it through a bit more and know how to solve it not with Integrated Dynamics but with a Power Monitor from RFtools, which can read either More or Less and pulse a signal. Not sure how it would work in game quite yet but im working on that. And now the big reveal, no annoying...
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    Another day another stream, not that much got done mainly because of my mind being distracted. And I really had no clear plan as to what I was doing, I was attempting Integrated Dynamics... but yea... it scared me away for now. Time to look into some tutorials (loads up DW20 on YT) and see how...
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    AE2/Project Ozone Lite (Can't place blocks/ insta break)

    There might be the possibility that when you moved stuff with WorldEdit that it left behind ghost blocks. When you open up WorldEdit do you see ghost blocks or anything that might cause this issue?
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    New day new stream! Video is still processing its about 2 hours and 45 minutes so for now you will have to do with my screenshots :D. First of all i started out cleaning up my basic setup and have it look more neato Honestly it was a bit annoying to do, but i did my thinking before hand so it...
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    If anyone cares, going live in a few minutes :3 If anyone is wondering how the stream went here it is. a nice 2 hour video for those who enjoy that! In weekends i stream longer hours so its easier catching me stream! -still processing the video thanks YT!
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    Not yet psych, but you can catch me live stream sometimes at
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    power network question

    Any wiki that has proper documentation on this? I know ingame you have the tablet that whispers things dat refference tho, no one will know what it is about tho.
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    Solved Dupe bug in TC Crafting Table

    Just the recipe right exsisting ones wont disapear?
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    power network question

    Are you looking to switching it completely on and off at times or do you want specific amounts of enery to passthrough? If thats the case why not have a Powercell + Power Relay combination? A Advanced Powercell can transfer 20k RF/t from each side, in combination with a Power Relay + wireless...
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    Don't know why I built this T8 energy core

    Thats the fun bit with Draconic Evolution, do you need it? nah, do you want it? HELL YEAH! And with the more recent changes to the recipes and increasing the difficulty of the mod made it even more fun. Though I can't rush to my draconic set anymore... booo~!
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    What are these posts?

    Seems lately they've become more active again, just report the user who spams and the FTB Forum Admins can do the rest.
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    Solved Dupe bug in TC Crafting Table

    Summary of the problem Dupe bug in TC Crafting Table Pack Version 1.7.0 What is the bug? When shift clicking recipes into a TC Crafting table, every now and then it will not consume certain items. Had this happen with a Machine casing for RFTools where it didn't use the Iron. It does not...
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    This thread just mainly exsists to show off my 'beautiful' work in the DW20 Pack. First the beautiful house i build in creative before even starting to play, i hate constantly creating materials so voila. Ran into food problems EARLY on like constantly no food... annoying soooooo FARM...
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    DW20... a personal musing

    Also a 5x4x5(WxHxL) Extreme reactor generates around 800-900rf/t. This is with Liquid Enderium cooling it in the cardinal directons of the fuel rods. And in the corners just some iron blocks(possible for gold blocks) though this has no benefit to cooling the reactor. Best advantage being it is...