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    Request List of Mods with in-game documentation and/or Achievements

    I am looking for a list of Minecraft mods that provide in-game documentation via craftable items (such as a book) and mods that give you achievements for that mod, just like you have achievements for the base game. I have looked all over the internet and haven't found anything, and btrying each...
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    Request Need Help Finding A Book mod for my pack.

    I am looking for a book mod for my recent wilderness survival modpack Lost and Alone. What I want is to be able to put in guide books into the pack that the players can craft. These guides will help provide info to the players that they can't get elsewhere in the game. This will help the over...
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    [1.7.10] Lost and Alone - Adventures in Wilderness Survival (WIP) v. 0.1.1

    Adventures in Wilderness Survival Modpack By Background Story: Pack Code: About this Pack: This is a peaceful-no magic-low tech wilderness survival modpack heavily influenced by real life. This pack is not just about the day to day struggle to survive, but it is about living alone in the...
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    Question about Enviromine

    Does anybody know if playing on peaceful has any effect on Enviromine? In other words, does things like physics, temperature, hydration, sanity, and air quality still need to be considered while playing in Peaceful?
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    [1.7.10] Upcoming Wilderness Survival Modpack - Looking for testers, graphics, and more

    Notice to the people of the FTB forums As some of you may be aware, for the last month or so, I have been working on a new 3rd party peaceful modpack that is based on natural wilderness survival. I am keeping the details of the pack under wraps because I plan to do a big reveal once it is...
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    (resolved) Need Help Finding Mods for my pack

    I am working on another modpack that I am doing to let my head cool from the frustration of working on my Fallen Star modpack. It is a pack that is easier to do since it is not biome specific and quest driven. I am keeping the details of this pack under wraps until I am ready to release it...
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    must have mods

    Just wondering what are people's must have mods that they can't play Minecraft without. For me, beyond the obvious (NEI and Waila) the must have mods for me are: Journey map (because I have to have a mini map mod with waypoints, and Journey map in my opinion is the best. Tinker's Construct...
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    Request Need Older Version

    I need help. I need to find an older version of Feed the beast launcher that works with an older version of Java (i think I have version 6), that works with an older verison of Mac OS (I think I have version Mac OS X.6) Don't tell me to install the newer version of Java. Java 8 (which I think is...
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    Having Problems with FTB on MAc

    Title: Having Problems with FTB on MAc Launcher Version: Modpack: Modpack Version: Log Link: Details of the issue: I am planning on taking my old laptop computer with me on a long trip I will taking in a few weeks, and decided i want to put the latest games I had been playing on it. It is...
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    A Question about the Minefactory Reloaded Planter and Harvester

    Can a planter from Minefactory Reloaded plant suger canes, and can it be harvested by the Harvester? I am doing a build in creative mode with my own pack where I am building Orbit City, the city where George Jetson and his family lived on 'The Jetsons' tv series. I am starting with a superflat...
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    Request Land of Giants (Modpack Advice Needed)

    So, I am building a modpack using MultiMC called Land of Giants for my own personal use just to have fun with. I may even do a let's play series using it. The idea behind the 'Land of Giants' is it is a peaceful survival pack built around the idea of playing on a amplified terrain world and...
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    Request Need modpack recommendation

    I am planning to rent a server for me to play minecraft with my younger cousins. However, those younger cousins have never played any mods with minecraft at all, so I need a recommendation of which modpacks would be good for people who are new to modded minecraft. I want to share with my...
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    Bug Having problems with HQM

    So I am working on my Fallen Star Path to Ascension modpack, but recently HQM has been acting up and I don't know how to get it to behave. Here is what has been happening. 1. When I start a new world to test out a new iteration of the pack, the quest book has stopped appearing in my inventory...
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    Bug Problems with HQM.

    So, last week I came back to my quest that i was writing for my modpack, and I was doing those quests as I was writing them to make sure that everything worked, but I cam upon a problem that I don't know if it is a bug or not. The problem is that the mod does not recognize quests I've already...
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    Fallen Star : Path to Ascension Modpack (prototype)

    I have delved into modpack creation using MultiMC, and though I am terrible with config files and can only manage to do the simplest of scripts using C++ or Basic, I have started working on a modpack idea that I have had for awhile. The pack is in it's prototype phase, and now I am at a point...
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    Request (need streaming parter) Colony Race to Space Multiplayer Stream

    I am planning a Race to Space multiplayer simulcast livestream for the Colony modpack by Type1Ninja and I thus I am looking for a streaming partner who would be interested in this collaboration. If you don't know about the Colony Modpack, it is a streamlined tech only modpack for easy...
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    1 Day Modded Minecraft Achievement Challenge

    Challenge: Complete as many achievements as possible before the onset of the first night. Rules: Load up your favorite huge modpack, start a new world and begin completing as many achievements as humanely possible. Try to limit the time spent in the pause menu looking up achievements. When...
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    Just a simple question about mods.

    What kind of mods would be good for a superflat desert survival world.
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    Request Need help finding side modpack to play

    Right now I am playing Colony Modpack, by Type1Ninja, but I am also looking for another modpack that I can play on the side while watching other people stream. I looking for a modpack where I can build something from nothing technologically, playing on a superflat world. The modpack would have...
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    Modpack idea: Wrath of the Angry Gods (HQM)

    So before I begin, I just want to get this off my chest: I am not into authoring modpacks, and I don't like coding. However, I am a YouTuber and Streamer and player who is very creative and many times have lots of ideas (such as this) floating around his head. So I am starting this thread to...