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    FTB/Minecraft 'I have never...'

    killed a villager
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    Alternative for Optifine?

    anything for clear water?
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    Accelerate farms without fertilizer.

    enderio ones do!
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    Good FPS?

    below 30 bad below 60 ok above 60 quite good 120 great normally it hovers between 70-100 400+ vanilla with maxed settings that is
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    1.6 end game power

    I use atomic science for end game power usually
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    Do you set yourself any challenges?

    Do you set yourself any challenges? Avoiding certain mods or playing in a different way? On my latest world i have decided to not use electricity or anything electrical. So I'm just using Tico, ars thuamcraft and rotary craft. I find challenges like this fun and would like to hear if anyone...
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    making a MONSTER out of Monster

    the lag issues with ATG + mariculture can be solved by setting B:"Deep Oceans" B:"Remove Mineshafts in Oceans" B:"Water Filled Ravines in Oceans" to false in the mariculture config, at least it worked for me
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    Isn't an MFR tree farm really just a solar panel?

    solar panels look boring. I think the mekanism ones look much better
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    The Ultimate Tinkers Construct Tools

    thaumium or tatarite?
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    Coding Leasons For Forge (Paid If Required)

    i know vswe did some courses
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    Why Do People Avoid Building on Non-Flat Land?

    why clear out when you can go in the sky?
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    Biomes o' plenty gem locations

    these biomes don't seem to be on the forum thread are they new?
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    IC2 is slowly dying out ?

    is it dead yet?
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    Quarry Needs Flavor, Show Me Your Ideas.

    4 armed quarry: 4 quarry arms 4x power consumption bigger quarry drill: mines 2x2x2 each time 8x power consumption lazor quarry: mines 10x faster 10x power ???: quarry mines one block to bedrock before doing next
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    Ways to get Iridium in FTB Unleashed?

    i was going to comment on how gregtech is not in unleashed then i realised iridium is from ic2
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    resonance unleashed sounds awesome
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    GregTech Industrial Blast Furnace Help

    right clicking won't apply them for me :S
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    UE Question

    it's a item look it up in nei
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    UE Question

    it's not new it's been there for ages....
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    UE Question

    with the configurator you can change which side outputs 2nd outputs inputs etc