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    The Botanist: Updates, Requests, and Ideas! Pre-Inf code is: thebotanist

    Us in the P1NationGaming Team are now creating a modpack called The Botanist. It will be heavily based and centered with the mod Botania by Vazkii. It will be a natural magic and natural in general modpack, the first in the going to be trilogy. This will be a skyblock modpack. We will post...
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    Help with creating boss Entity!

    I am making a 1.7.10 mod that will add in a new boss mob, but I do not know how to make a mob in the first place or a boss. All I know is items, blocks, tools, armor, food, etc... I would appreciate the help, thanks.
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    Request Need cover art for a Modpack

    I need an artist to make a cover art image for a new Modpack we are working on. Please message me if you think you want to do it and I will provide more information. Thank you for your time.