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  1. goldenapple

    Question about Grid images

    So, I've noticed that on the Gamepedia wiki you have to upload a tilesheet of all the items and blocks in a mod along with their names to a moderator. I want to ask why is this a thing. Is it optimized better/easier to maintain? Do you not want regular users to be able to edit grid files for...
  2. goldenapple

    Mod Feedback [1.7.10] RFDrills - for all of your mining needs!

    Welcome to the RFDrills mod thread! This little mod should be self-explainatory - it adds IC2-style electric tools that run on RF. Additional features: Drills can mine both shovel- and pickaxe-type blocks(who would've thought?) Chainsaws that not only chop down wood, but can also be used as...
  3. goldenapple

    DevTooltips - small mod for addon developers

    DevTooltips is a simple mod that adds tooltips for items that display useful info for mod developers. I made it mostly for myself beacuse I couldn't get Waila to run in my dev environment and I really needed to know what OreDictionary entries some items have. After a bit of polish I decided...
  4. goldenapple

    [1.7.10] CopperTools - all kinds of tools, armor & sickles! All the ingots!

    CopperTools CopperTools is a small mod that allows you to make tools out of all kinds of materials. Nothing crazy, it's not an obsidian tools mod. It just adds some nice integration for materials that every modpack has, like copper, silver or platinum. I'll look into more advanced mod...
  5. goldenapple

    That one acronym game

    Hi there. So, I posted this thread on two forums so far and I want to see how it goes on FTB forums. The rules are simple: I make an acronym, the next person has to guess what it means and makes his own acronym. If you can't solve it, you lose. Additional rules: 1. The acronym can't be longer...
  6. goldenapple

    Minetweaker issue

    I want to remove some Extra Utils industrious-type recipes as well as add a Rotten Flesh to Leather recipe into my magic modpack. But apparently, I dont understand how Minetweaker code works. # See the forum post for example and documentation. version 2; furnace.addRecipe(item.leather...
  7. goldenapple

    The Apocalypse that is 1.7

    I like to play my own modpacks and while I play Minecraft, I usually keep my launcher open. I see tons of messages that say: Explanation anyone?