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    AE2 P2P tunnels

    So i reached the point i want to setup a AE2 network in my world. I watched some videos about the p2p tunnel busses and their uses, but i saw one problem: My base is pretty spread out and i dont want to run dense ME cables all the way through it. Do you guys know any good ways to make use of...
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    Dont care for fuel effiency, need the power [Big Reactor]

    Im looking for a Big reactor design with a size of maximum (11x11x9) and i wanna get as much power out of it as i can without paying any attention to the fuel consumption. I WILL be using a compercraft program to control power output. Any1 have any ideas?
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    Calling items into Inventory from AE from afar

    Im currently playing on a Monster 1.1.2 server and have played on several server before where i have seen people being able to call item into their inventory from their AE system while they can be anywhere. Could some1 explain how this works or link me to a thread where this is explained in detail?
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    Melee weapons with AoE damage

    I was wondering if there are any other weapons out there besides the Sword of the Zephyr or Awakened Ichorium Sword from Thaumcraft that do decent amounts of AoE damage?
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    Mariculture Rutile Ore

    Hello everyone. Im currently playing on a Monster 1.0.5 FTB server and having problem finding Rutile Ore from the Mariculture Mod. From the things ive read online, rutile ore only spawns in river biomes in packs of limestone. Problem is the Monster server i play on has ATG enabled wich doesnt...
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    Crash on trying to research in Thaumcraft 3/Thaumic Tinkerer

    Ok so i tried to research something by using piles of ashes from BoP, as they have permutatio and fractus. As soon as I press the research button the client crashes. The ModPack is FTB Unleashed 1.1.3 (recommended).
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    FTB launcher not showing Unleashed 1.1.4 or higher

    At home whenever i run my launcher i can select the FTB Unleashed 1.1.4 pack, but im currently on my laptop and just downloaded the launcher (1.2.7) and the Unleashed 1.1.4 is not showing? Do i have to change settings?