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  1. Psychicash

    stoneblock question

    So I've been playing it but it's rather laggy... I know it's a kitchen sink pack but it seems many of the mods are there... well what I would personally consider fluff. Googly eyes, hats, realistic drops... What are some of the mods I can prob disable without affecting the quests/gameplay of...
  2. Psychicash

    Astral Sorcery question

    At night, I notice on my server log(cause it's open on the other screen) that dimension 11 (I think) loads. Then in the morning, it unloads. I can only assume based on the info I saw (since it had a mod tag for AS) that it is AS related. Can anyone explain to me about that? Anyway to keep it...
  3. Psychicash

    power network question

    DW20 1.12 pack I'm looking for a way (not using energy cells because I don't like the throttle on power) to turn a power line off and on. Basically I want to hook up a lever that I can turn on and off to let power flow through a flux conduit. Energy Cell was the only thing I found. I think...
  4. Psychicash

    DW20 1.12 issue...

    I have a cursed earth room, 5 high and 7x7 floor. Things aren't spawning in there. When I do a cofh killall it kills like 80 different mobs. Then I see on the minimap they respawn but elsewhere. nothing in the room? Am I doing something wrong? It's enclosed in darkness...
  5. Psychicash

    DW20... a personal musing

    So I was looking through the pack at the power options and wondering which one I would use? Normally, I break things down into early, mid and late game power options. This got me thinking about a few of the different tech trees in the pack. I had wanted to add more information but ran...
  6. Psychicash

    Question about lighting options?

    So I'm playing beyond and I'm looking through all the different lighting options. I'm wondering a few things. Is there any spotlight options? what's the brightest light? do decocraft lights give off light also do torches (mega torch thing) stop cursed earth spawn or powered spawners...
  7. Psychicash

    Beyond and Environmental Tech

    Playing beyond, using solar power from environmental tech. Are there blocks I can place over it? And it still work? Do c&b bits block the solar production?
  8. Psychicash

    dw20 freezing randomly...

    Title dw20 freezing randomly... Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App Modpack Direwolf20 Modpack version 1.12 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue Every few seconds I get this prolonged lag. I looked at the log and got...
  9. Psychicash

    Problem DW20 pack question...

    I'm trying to connect the mob duplicator to a thermal dynamics signalium plated fluidduct. It works for a second then randomly(seeming) it disconnects. Also I seem to be loosing mob essence somewhere in the pipe... it doesn't make in to the mob duplicator... I worked around this by putting in...
  10. Psychicash

    AE2 Spacial IO in DW20

    So I've tried using spacial io in creative and it appears that none of the mods are supported except open computers. Even tinkers doesn't work. So I'm curious if there will be support added later? I know that some of these mods are new ports to 1.10. Of Course I don't even know the process...
  11. Psychicash

    rf tools bug?

    So I'm trying to make an rf tools elevator. When it goes up to the 2nd floor it stops and works just fine. But when I go down to the first floor from the second, it leaves a ghost copy of the platform behind. I say ghost but it's real. I mean I can build on it, I can stand on it. I break it but...
  12. Psychicash

    Ender Chest question

    Just curious... What's wrong with this picture?
  13. Psychicash

    Open Yeta wrench crashes client

    Summary of the problem Yeta wrench crashes client Pack Version 1.2.0 What is the bug? Changed to redstone conduit mode, accessed conduit. Tried to move off of the yeta wrench game crashed, reconnected tried to move off of it again, crashed again Mod & Version ender io -...
  14. Psychicash

    Bug DW20 - beta a few things I've noticed

    So I'm playing the beta and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this. I'm using the diamond backpack from the iron backpack mod. I have basic filter and restocking upgrade on it. I'm also using the building wand from extra utilities. I filled the bag with the livingrock bricks. I...
  15. Psychicash

    DW20 oil power

    So I was looking through the power options while watching bacon doughnut. He made a comment about the oil generator from actually additions. I was looking into the automation of the upgraded seeds and upgraded oil. I'm curious any ideas on automating it? the whole dropping things into the...
  16. Psychicash

    DW20 1.10 build

    So... here's the start... I'll keep you updated. Looking forward to this build. Let me know about the colors. I was debating between the white/green and a Marble or Diorite Bricks (quark) and cherry wood/redstone etc.
  17. Psychicash

    Deep resonance - dw20 1.10

    I have a setup for DR and I have a crystal that has decent stats. I'm working on putting it in a protected room. I swear, using it in small intervals... I think the radiation might have destroyed some blocks in the nearby area. Some of my power cables, redstone cables, even cobble vanished. I...
  18. Psychicash


    So how do you guys handle the heads that come out of headcrumbs... I'd hate to try to just put up all the heads on walls. Have any of you figured out a good use or automated way to handle them?
  19. Psychicash

    Infinity and. .. lag

    I know everyone loves ae. I'm playing on an infinity server with average of 10 people max of 25. The day we got where ae could be made the TPS dropped from a steady, for the most part, 20 to a steady 6. And everyone's like what's causing that? ?? I'm like ae? Of course what else might it be...
  20. Psychicash

    Issue with random crash while traveling

    Title: Issue with random crash while traveling Launcher Version: Modpack: Horizons II Modpack Version: 1.2.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: has crashed a few times while simply exploring on multiplayer. Works find on single player