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    Abdiel's Inventorium - technical streams!

    Hello everybody, and welcome to my new stream's thread! My name is Abdiel, I have been playing Minecraft since early alpha, and with tech mods for over a year. I would classify my playstyle as "inventor": I love experimenting with machinery and coming up with new and complicated designs to...
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    Found something new? Strange? Cool? Don't know what it is? Look here first!

    The world of Feed the Beast is full of wonders. Few adventurers are familiar with everything you find on your travels. And as the mods update, they add many features you might not know about. Every time a mod adds something new, people are starting dozens of threads asking about their new...
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    [Suggestion] Multiple instances of a modpack

    Many servers now make minor changes to the modpacks available on FTB. Add this mod, update the other, change a config here or there. Unfortunately with the launcher in its current state, this means that when playing on more than one server regularly, I have to basically uninstall the whole pack...