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  1. tarzan1376

    Request Popular FTB unleash server a time long past.

    Edit: NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT, IT MIGHT'VE BEEN FTB MONSTER I'm trying to remember an FTB unleashed server back when FTB unleashed was relevant. It was popular, It had its own channel in the FTB teamspeak ( a good amount of servers did though ) They had guilds where you must meet certain...
  2. tarzan1376

    Running Red 2

    I'll be streaming Running Red 2 for the next couple days till I beat it in hardcore on come by and check on my progress and watch me get murdered by the cluster of mobs everywhere its bound to be a struggle for me!Streaming Now. Day 1
  3. tarzan1376

    Running Red 1/2 Fanclub

    For all your Running red needs and wants just come here and chat with others and trade way or give us knowledge of how you think the easiest way of beating the HQM is, or if you just wanna meet someone who likes to play. Whatever Running Red Related. this is just for fun. and hopefully...