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    I'm a well-known-member and nobody viewing this know who I am, wooooo!
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    Problem FTB Monster 1.1.1 lagging

    Hello this question is rather vague however I'm just seeking information on how to find the lag causes. I have a FTB monster server and I used opis to remove anything causing lag however the lag persists at a unsatisfactory 6TPS according to mcpc. What I want to know is what to do in order to...
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    Solved In need of assistance with a monster 1.1.1 server

    Hello, as some of you know I try to help out a lot on this forum however in short on time currently and would love some assistance in finding a solution with this error is taken from the server console. If you have any ideas on where to find the information or...
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    Potential new and unique mod,

    Who thinks I should spend an hour if my time and make a mod that adds waffles that give you a 20.0 saturation? :)
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    Problem FTB monster 1.0.10 not starting

    I have FTB monster 1.0.10 and attempted to boot with ATG, BoP, and Highlands enabled, world generation is ATG- Alternate. It crashes before it can even generate the world- console logs here- Here is a crash from this morning with the old world...
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    Emailing our users?

    So many of us have websites for our minecraft server wether it is enjin or a forums software we found somewhere like xenforo, most of these offer options to email all users with html. I wa curious if anyone has ever tried to send an email made of html and wether or not they could get it to work.
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    Problem FTB Horizon lag spikes

    On FTB Horizon 1.0.9 I'm getting lag spikes now and then which freeze. Seems to happen when teleporting to a player which I don't understand why because the chunks are already loaded. Any insight as to why this happens would be great. server.log info during spike
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    Question for other server admins

    So i have a server, no suppress there pretty much everyone reading this probably does. So I've been getting lag and I believe it could be world size. I think this because I use a overclocked i7 3930k @4.0ghz only have one fan so I didn't go higher. And dual raid 0 7200rpm drives that can move...
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    Ya know what FTB needs?

    It needs well, what do y'all think?
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    Free minecraft/ftb service?

    What do people think of this? Should somebody do it with a free mc server with 512mb ram, paid upgrades like ftb/more ram. But with something like multi craft and 512mb ram free. Who would like something like that? If you would like something like that would you or you think people would use it?
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    Fast Feed The Beast (FTB) server setup in less then 1 minute.

    Now a lot of hosts use a 1 click install for FTB packs and such, I use dedicated unmanaged hosting and don't have that. All of it is manual and takes time and I know i'm not the only one that wanted this for their VPS/dedicated server that doesn't have 1 click installs. All you have to do is...
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    Solved Mystcraft isn't making ages.

    I have a server running mystcraft and I just regenerated it's config too, but I'm unable to craft linking or descriptive books. (I read and watched every tutorial for ftb unleashed) still doesn't work. When I spawn a descriptive book and click the black box to go to the age nothing happens at...
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    FTB unleashed server crashing

    I would like some support however I can't provide much information because I simply don't have anything. No crash report. Nothing, the server simply isn't making them. Forge logs are here - What is happening? Well it just shuts down every now and then with no crash...
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    Problem Mob spawn rates way too high

    I have mcpc installed and I changed the bukkit.yml mob spawn rates to spawn-limits: monsters: 1 animals: 2 water-animals: 5 ambient: 1 chunk-gc: period-in-ticks: 600 load-threshold: 0 ticks-per: animal-spawns: 400 monster-spawns: 1000 autosave: 0 hopper-transfer: 8...
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    Solved I have no idea what this error is

    My server keeps going down after this happens. I have mcpc b644 installed and tick threading. ANy info on to what causes this and what it is (even better how to fix it) would be greatly appreciated!
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    Solved Seemingly random crashing and no report

    My server just goes down every now and then and I am clueless as to why int he server.log it just says "read timed out" in the forgelogs it says a lot more- any help on why it is crashing would be great! Also I have checked the overworld for corruption and there is...
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    Problem Server crashing and can't even start!!!

    My server started crashing, what do I need to do to fix it? It is Unleashed 1.1.3
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    Problem ftb unleashed server cant start

    I have mcpc and tick threading installed. it was working fine then I tried to update to 1.1.4 and it wouldnt start so I went to a backup and I get this now and it doesnt start how do I fix this? 1:58:25 PM CDT CONSOLE: [INFO] The mod Railcraft is overwriting existing item at 328...
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    Problem Ultimate 1.1.2 lagging bad

    I have a dedicated server running several servers 1 of them being ultimate which it has run without lag for months then it just started lagging very bad TPS of 1.9-18 and at first there were about 30000 entities but now I don't see anyway near that many yet the lag is still there. There is...
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    Solved Biomes o plenty not making new biomes

    ftb unleashed, just updated from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 and biomes o plenty is working there are biomes still here from before the update but new ones aren't generating. I have looked in a large area (several tens of thousands of blocks) and still none. after updateing I made sure to re-enable it. What...