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    Do you set yourself any challenges?

    Do you set yourself any challenges? Avoiding certain mods or playing in a different way? On my latest world i have decided to not use electricity or anything electrical. So I'm just using Tico, ars thuamcraft and rotary craft. I find challenges like this fun and would like to hear if anyone...
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    Can you turn off sludge and slime pools?

    Is there anyway to turn them off? I looked through the mfr config but could not find any thing.
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    AE system contents on computercraft monitor

    is there any way to have my AE system display items on a computer craft monitor?
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    Bop seeds

    hello everyone, i was looking around for biomes o plenty seeds but could not find any. i thought since Bop is a popular alternative to EBXL I'd post it here if this is the wrong forum sorry. so if you have any Bop seeds you would like to share please post them here :)