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    Where should I put a mob farm? (AG)

    This is my current base in Agrarian Skies I was wondering where should I put a mob grinder. Any suggestions?
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    What kind of voice do you use to read the user above text

    The title is pretty self-explanitory (Sorry for lack of description, this JUST came in my head
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    Back in my Day... Minecraft Edition!

    The rules are the same is goreao's thread (sorry if i spelt your name wrong) We restart this thread once we get to to Cave Game Ill start first! Back in my Day, we didn't have horses to transport each other, we had minecarts and boats
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    Fur's Challenge!

    So I was thinking about a new challenge, then this came into to the void i call my brain The challenge is: You can't build anything thats really techy until you have a 9x9 pyramid of iron blocks, and get to Basic Aura Manipulation research in Thaumcraft The highest tech you can get is Tinkers...
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    A late "Hello"

    Hello! My name is Furfurfur2001, I'm not really "new" to the forums. I play on many different servers on different modpacks. I don't post actual topics, I'm usually on the "forum games" thread, and I browse the Third Party modpacks occasionly. I don't know what else to talk about, but Hello to...