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    Listed - 1.7.10 - HQM/SURVIVAL - Galactic Science - something fresh!

    Found this pack a few days ago and it looks interesting but a few things. Is the pack worth playing? Going back through the pages I am seeing the longevity of this pack doesn't seem all that good due to the fact that huge game breaking bugs are being found, or about mods in the pack being...
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    Open 1.2.0: Bomb Carriers Ignoring mobGriefing = false

    From what I have read and seen personally, it's technically not mob griefing because it's tnt that is doing the explosions. I know you can destroy the tnt it drops before it can blow up. They seem follow vanilla spawning rules and spawn in low light.
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    (Official) FTB Resurrection Beta Testers

    Minecraft IGN: Convinced Teamspeak Access: yes/no Mic: yes/no Yes/Yes Modded Minecraft Experience: I have been playing modded mod packs since 1.2.5, starting with personally made packs, to another launcher who will not be named, and FTB packs. Can you set up an instance in MultiMC: Very easily...
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 released

    This worked for me, thanks for the information.
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    Just make an empty space under the Sync block that houses your clone.
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    Mine is crashing before really even loading, fresh install, java is up-to-date, so who knows. EDIT: Apparently it doesn't like Java 8.
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    Unsupported Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest Bug Reporting

    After a week of playing SSP, I'm playing SMP with my girlfriend from me first starting in SSP. Had zero issues with making a party and all the quests were synced. After a couple weeks, went to restart my server, did a /save-all then restarted, came back in and all the quests I had done that...
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    Open Server | Unleashed 1.1.3 | Mature Community | Plugin Devs | 24/7 | GriefPrevention | Mumble

    Amazing server with dedicated staff to keep things running smooth. Strong community with members going on 3+ years of being with us.