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    Closed 1.0.0: Witchery Vampire Ritual

    I just checked out the config and found out that by default the ritual is disabled on departed. Why?
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    Closed 1.0.0: Witchery Vampire Ritual

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: Hi, I've tried many to get Ellie to spawn so I can become a vampire, but the ritual will only say: "This does not seem correct" I have tested it in single player with creative and on the server I am playing on, but I have never been able to spawn her. Mod &...
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    Whitelist Server Skyward Gaming | 1.7.10 Direwolf20 | Dedicated 24/7 Uptime | 18+ No Drama

    IGN: Polloplay Age: 20 Experience with FTB/Modded Minecraft: I used to play a lot during 1.4.7, but I got bored and decided to wait until new mods. Playstyle: I tend to do a little bit of everything, exept building cool looking base... Never been able to do that. What is your favorite mod?: I...