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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Resurrection|1.0.0|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|

    Forum Name: WitherSauce Minecraft name: Kosmas Age: 26 Country: Switzerland How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? Several years playing, several months hosting What do you like about modded minecraft?: It's complexity and almost limitless opportunities Have you been banned...
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    Whitelist Server OTE Gamers - Unleashed 1.1.7 | Whitelist | TS3 | MyTown | Econ | MultiGaming Community - Est. 2006

    In-Game Name: MadWizard25 Name: Gion Fraenkl How long have you been playing minecraft? Since beta. Do you have experience on Feed the Beast? yeah, several (6+?) months, since FTB Beta Pack A and Mindcrack. Have you ever been banned form a minecraft server? Nope. do you have TS3 and willing to...
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    Windows .exe Low FPS on FTB since upgrading to 64 bit

    If your seeing a decrease in FPS in other games then i would guess its a driver conflict, bad settings, or damaged hardware maybe. Try fully uninstalling the nvidia drivers using a program such as driver cleaner. Make sure no trace of the driver is left, then reinstall. In terms of settings...
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    best rollback plugin?

    I can vouch for Prism working with most events with FTB ultimate. It records who places/ breaks modded blocks. Im not sure what your doing wrong, but if someone griefs you by destroying blocks it will log the player and the block ID. It logs all IDs regardless of being mod or vanilla. However...
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    world id mismatches with mindcrack 8.2

    Sometimes when updating mods, the mods will change or generate new config files with new IDs. The only way to fix is to roll back the server map to before you updated, then update the mods, run the server, kill the server without saving the world, and then manually edit the old IDs back into the...
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    Prism MPCP+

    Yep, records modded blocks, but doesnt record everything. For example, chests from the IronChest mod are not logged if someone accesses them. In fact, any modded container will not be logged, so if you want to track if people access chests, then use vanilla chests. In any case, Prism records...
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    Headaches of updating server with mods added.

    Unless you know how to code, its gonna be a pain in the ass. Our server runs ultimate plus another 20 or so additional mods. Some of these extra mods are huge and complicated, such as DivineRPG, Ars Magica, Flans Mod, Mo Creatures, etc, and make server updating a drawn out process. However, as...
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    Sephrik's Config Pack of Awesomeness - Redux - Ultimate Edition 148 Mods!

    This is great. We also run ultimate + other mods on our server and ID conflicts are a pain to get through when doing major updates. I cant personally use this pack since our IDs are already customized and entrenched in our world, but had this been out earlier I would have definitely used it...
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    MCPC+ |ForgeEssentials|BukkitForge(Bukkit mods{kind of})

    Hmmm, you could be right about that. I havnt religiously gone through the logs to check if every single action is logged. To be fair, i expect some events to not be logged when using ftb with any logger, due to the custom events. Prism logs modded blocks fine, gives the id of the block, so if...
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    MCPC+ |ForgeEssentials|BukkitForge(Bukkit mods{kind of})

    Just updated to v8.1.1 and Prism v1.4. Prism is working fine.
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    MCPC+ |ForgeEssentials|BukkitForge(Bukkit mods{kind of})

    Prism works pretty well with MCPC+, logs modded blocks. So far the only action ive found it cant log is opening of certain bags, i.e. redpowers canvas bags.
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    Whitelist Server ▇ UnionCraft ▇ | 24/7 | EU | 12gbRAM | Mature 18+ | PVE | Protections | MCPC+

    IGN: MadWizard25 Age: 25 Do you understand and accept the rules?: Aye Aye Sir Why do you wish to join Unioncraft?: I currently help host and administrate a small private mindcrack server with very similar rules, settings, and server philosophy, and our player ages are 23+. However, I would like...
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    Adding Gregtech & Advanced Machines to DW20 Server Help

    It sounds like an block ID mismatch. When gregtech was updated, there might have been a difference in the IDs between old a new version. Bad things ensue such as missing blocks. See my post on this thread, it might help.
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    A Forum Game To Pass The Time! (Corrupt A Wish)

    Granted, but nobody likes you on the server since you are a 10 year old kid who griefs; you get banned. I wish pigs could fly.
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    Will you bother with Ultimate?

    Our server runs mindcrack, and we just had a discussion with the server players as to whether we should switch to ultimate or not. We decided it would be done. The main reason is that our world is a mess. Over time we have added adittional mods that we assume would be in the ultimate pack...
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    Best list of banned items for MindCrack ?

    Yep, i didnt make that clear. I recon atm the best anti-greif setup would be MCPC+/ FE, MyTown, AntiCheat, Prism, and Tekkit Restrict. Tested all these plugins and mods, and these are the most forge/ FTB friendly (with some configuration ofc) This way you get performance, anti cheat, anti xray...
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    Best list of banned items for MindCrack ?

    Your are absolutely correct. In fact, I even used FE and MyTown for a while. They work great. However, i switched to MCPC+ with bukkit plugins for a few reasons. The first is performance; MCPC+ has done amazing things. Players can now be in mutiple dimensions at once, i could increased server...
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    I need a anti cheat for NCPC+

    Yep, AntiCheat will think everyone is cheating. FTB mods appear to cheat, but its not true. You will get a lot of false positives with default AntiCheat and FTB.
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    orebfuscator for mcpc+?

    I gave it a shot. It works, as far as i can tell, and with MCPC+ the impact of orebfuscator is much reduced. However, for OCDs sake i switched to AntiCheat plugin since it has an in built anti xray module.
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    I need a anti cheat for NCPC+

    I had issues with NCP and mindcrack with MCPC+. Switched to a plugin called AntiCheat; much better. Permissions based check system, as well as a lightweight anti x-ray function.