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    Apparently, the window of my Minecraft says "Floweycraft 1.9.4" and I have my own custom modpack going on. What's going on? Why is it doing this? Does it mean anything?
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    AdventureCore (1.8)

    Yes, I am making a modpack called AdventureCore, and the idea is that there's not a lot of content that comes with it by default, but instead, you make the content by shaping mods and CustomNPC quests to make an adventure independent from any configs (the quests are for that world and that world...
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    Escape [Applications]

    That is all that is here, wait, already applied? Ok. That is where the game is. Don't wait after applying, go to it!
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    Escape - A game about escaping

    Progress Bar [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] 0% The progress bar is odd, in which it starts full, and as you start to get closer to escaping, it goes closer to empty. Have fun trying to escape, participants Participants: No participants, game hasn't started.
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    Upcoming 3rd Party Modpack Team - RTeam

    The R-Team is going to be a 3rd Party Modpack team that specializes in Complete the Monument experiences. The unique specialization would make it tough for people who find making these kinds of packs a lot difficult, but we are accepting people. Applications - Username (required for...
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    Modpack - Darkness Rising (CTM)

    This type of map seems to baffle me, why are there so many people who can make good CTM maps? I am going to find out by making some of my own, and this is going to be the first map out of five in the series 'Unnatural Changes'. If there are people who can help me by making different suggestions...
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    Project Dark (Team)

    I am going to create a team, that will create it's first modpack, Viral Corruption. Looking for: 5 Questmakers 4 Artists 3 Testers 2 Programmers (to program mods needed for modpacks, if needed at all) 1 Additional Leader in a Pearcel Tree. (I just had to do that...) APPLICATIONS...
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    Warning to everybody that mods! (Yes, it's true, I am helping for once!) The warning is in this little forum page. (I might be breaking a forum rule, but I am giving some warning to everybody.) Or, if you want...
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    Distilled Tech (FTB Launcher impending soon!)

    Yeah, I am not yet planning on releasing this pack, as I still need to balance everything. I am still in the testing phase of the pack, which is using the new Minecraft Launcher (Very good for building modpacks, as it allows me to keep record of crash logs, and it also allows me to add mods like...