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    Upgrade recommendations for an office desktop converted into modded Minecraft server hosting?

    Hello, so I just bought this small desktop from eBay because I wanted to play modded Minecraft and I wanted to host it on a server. I don't like paying for a server so I just invested on a personal one so that it is better in the long term. I installed Ubuntu Server and AMP for hosting the...
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    I'm back and I know it's not 6 months.

    I'm BACK!!!! I think months ago I posted a forum that I will be stop playing video games in 6 months. Well, I miss the sound of my portal gun, I miss the big holes that the quarry made, and I miss the JETPACK so much!!!! The one thing I really miss the most is the the FTB Community. The FTB...
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    I'll see you guys in 6 months

    Recently, I have been concentrating on school so I wanted a break to video games. I have a girlfriend now and it is hard to talk to her. I am gonna miss you guys :( this was the first communities out there that had fun. Bye :( and I'll see you guys in 6 months.
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    Should I get Fraps, BandiCam, Camtasia, or other?

    I'm getting my Asus g750 so I'm going back on making videos and tutorials. Which screen recorder should I buy?
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    Is origin good pc platform than steam?

    I am getting a Asus g750 on Christmas but thinking about changing to steam to origin. Is it a good pc platform than steam?
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    What age can I drink RedBull?

    So my sister's textbook just came i our mail (she ordered in and when I look inside I saw a hulu plus code for one free month, 5 gum, and REDBULL! I search on the internet what age people should drink redbull and they said IDK. I was planning 24 stream so redbull is a good energy...
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    Should My Friend choose Windows 8 or Windows 7

    So my friend said that he is building a new PC and he is planning for the graphics cars and etc but he has a problem. He and his brother have a fight over which Windows he is would put in his custom PC. One is Windows 7 which is my friend and Windows 8 which is my friend's brother. I had to stop...
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    How do I upgrade my tome faster to 8 slots?

    I just started playing around with Dartcraft. I only have 1 slot but I need 8 slot to have a good pickaxe. Anybody know how to upgrade the tome faster?
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    I know this is a noob question but......

    I have this IC2 problem and still have my half noob in my brain and google won't help me my problem but IC2 machines keep exploding. I have 4 generators and they are all connected to a batbox. People say that use a LV transformer but doesn't work (If this is a noob design, I'm very sorry)...
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    I'm back :D

    I'm back and I miss FTB. I play too much Hexxit and reason I quit the game cause accidently deleted all my stuff in my inv but I'm back :D
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    What is the most overwhelming item you ever crafted?

    Item: 64k Storage Card Why: This took me 2 hours of crafting because of the recipe. When I first saw the recipe, I was really shock cause I never made a item that has a long recipe.
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    What is this structure and how do I get in it.

    So I was looking around in the twilight forest and I found this structure on a ravine. Here is the pic: I've been researching this structure but didn't find any answers so what is this structure and how to get in?
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    Lepidopterology, Is this gonna be another Extra Bees-like mod?

    What the title says........
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    What is the best Tinker's Construct Material should I use for the Tconstruct Bows

    I got an Tinker's Construct Iron Bow with bunch of redstone but doesn't make my bow faster drawback. Is there a modifier or a material that can make Tinker's Construct Bow's Drawback make it even faster?
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    [DW20 1.5.2 Beta Pack] Is this a bug or did TConstruct change it?

    Ok, I was making the cast for the Lumber Axe but when I put it in the table and put 3 aluminum and 1 copper, I can't pour it to the pattern. I did the other way which put the pattern in the part builder and put the material which is cobble and put it in the table and pour it but the patterns of...
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    What TConstruct Weapon should I make?

    I finally got all the materials to built all this TConstruct Weapons and this my first time to try them (I never use the TConstruct Weapons because I spend too much time on Vanilla Swords) THERE IS SO MUCH WEAPONS I CAN MAKE BUT DIFFICULT WHICH ONE TO MAKE!!??!?!?! :eek:
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    What is your ExtraBiomesXL/Biomes O' Plenty Biome?

    Biomes O' Plenty: Hot Spring Why: It is really cool place to start out with. I has copper, quartz, etc. in the ground and there have their own water called "Spring Water". If you swim in the Spring Water, it gives you regeneration. ExtraBiomesXL: Redwood Forest Why: I like this biome and if...
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    How do I turn off the Redstone Clock without breaking it it beta?

    How do I turn off the redstone clock without breaking it? I made a automatic smeltery but I have to break the redstone clock every time to make something in the casting basin ( I use the clock for the casting table with a ingot cast in it.)
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    You know what's better and DANGEROUS than spider jockey?

    Creeper Jockey. P.S. I am planing to pet him so what should I name him?
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    Does Friendly Wisps bring into bad things?

    I never did Thuamcraft but I have recently found friendly wisps around my base and I was wondering why would they come to my base. My little brother says that they might be spying on us and then when they're done they just gonna tell their master what was happening and they are gonna plan a...