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    1.0.0: 1.0.0: OpenPeripherals not installing

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: OpenPeripherals is listed in the list of mods on the launcher, but is not installed when launched for the first time. Mod & Version: OpenPeripheral Core 0.5.0 log: Can it be repeated: Yes. Known Fix: I can manually add the mod, but...
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    Minding the Minecraftian Gods: Resurrection LP

    Hello, I've decided to do a LP series of my journey through FTB: Resurrection. I am a polytheist; I worship Solaris, god of light, Volcanis, god of magma, and Aquitas, god of water. With sunlight, lava and water, I will be able to achieve incredible things on my journey. Join me as I pay homage...