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    Single player commands won't work.(fixed)

    So I tried to add singleplayer commands by putting world edit into jar mods, and everything else into mods. But that won't work. Why? Any solutions?
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    World wont load :(

    So my world wont load, it not necessarily crashing, but this does show up in the console in red. I am using the direowlf pack.
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    Xycraft blocks

    So I was looking at the xycraft blocks, and I though"these are not 16 by 16 pixels, more like 64". So am I crazy or not. And how is it possible if I am not crazy.
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    How many distiller alvaeries?

    So how many alvaeries with distiller drones (fast worker) do you think I need for three 36 hp boilers using the fuel produced? I say 4.
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    Time warp?

    So I was reading through the bee wiki and found out that a timely bee has an affect of time warp. Anyone know how there could be a time warp in Minecraft?
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    Bee production times question.

    So for my power production I have decided to use fuel for my 3 36 hp boilers. So on the bee wiki, it says a distiller bee produces am oil comb every 5.1 minutes. So my question is, will it take 5.1 minutes I'm an alvery or apeairy? If it is a slow worker or a fast one? Oh yeah, would any of you...
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    Bee replication

    So, if is, correct, a queen bee will produce one princeess and multiple drones. So in theory, if I have a distiller queen, is there no other way to make another distiller queen for, the origami queen. Which means I wouldmhav etho rebred it again ( I needed to rebred it at least 7 more times). Is...
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    Need fuel source for 3 36hp boilers

    So, I have just found out that blaze rods have been nerfed, so I am gonna need something to power my three 36 hp boilers, any solutions. Must be renewable.
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    Thaumcraft repair pickaxe vs drill?

    So basically the title says everything . So which one do you think is better I have mixed feelings for both.
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    Updating my forge?

    So I have recently heard that the forge version for ftb is incopataitlbe with opitifine so I have decided to update my forge to I am wonder erring how and will there be problems?
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    Best version of optifine for dw v5

    So I have some lag issues and want to know what is the best version of optifne to use for the direwolf mod pack ( latest edition)
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    GFiller wont work

    so bsically i set everything up right. the patter forclearing and the landmarks but it doesn?t clear. So what did i do wrong?
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    Windows .exe Wireless redstone remote crash

    So i get this crash every time i press a wireless remote: Help please!
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    A list of farms in ftb

    FTB has added a whole lot of opportunities to make new or better farms to the game. so i will be making a complete list of them. I will show a brief description of them and try to include a video if possible. Fell free to help me add more o the list. Basic Mob Drops Farms: Gunpowder Make...
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    Unlimited oil farm?

    So I want to use fuel for my power system and I am wondering with all the amazing things you can do with ftb, is the a unlimited oil farm, without manually find oil spawns?
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    Witch farm designs and makings

    I decided to make a witch farm, by which I found a swamp hut. So, instead of caving and lighting them up, I decided to use a frame quarry. I soon found out that clearing a 128 by 128 would take me 20 hours. Well I don't know about you but I don't want to spend 20 hours of my precious minecraft...
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    New quarry speeds?

    I heard that quarries have gotten new speeds. I plan on supplying it with 70 mj to make it run fast. Anyone know the exact speed of a quarry when it is supplied a certain amount of energy? (ex when supplied with 7 mj it will finish a 9x9 in x minutes )
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    Changing msytcraft world height?

    I want to start a quarry, but I noticed that msytcraft worlds (flat). Have a ground hie ghat of 100. Any way to change this?
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    Console problem

    So I get this in red in the console ( by the way since it is more than a 1000 characters I'll post part by part In red: 2012-12-02 15:00:44 [SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] Detected an attempt by a mod mod_ReiMinimap to perform game activity during mod construction. This is a serious programming...