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    Why is FZ Clay Sculpting never mentioned?

    So with the latest versions of Factorization you can make free-form clay sculptures which are fired, copied, and glazed. All anyone talks about when it comes to Factorization is ore efficiency or the routers. I'm curious why this awesome decoration ability gets ignored.
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    Multiple Manipulatable Minions

    I love golems from TC but strongly dislike almost everything else from that mod. Turtles are a little to soul-less and high tech. I want a small army of creatures to command and help me around my base. Any mods do this?
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    Solar Boiler

    It turns out the steam from solar boilers can be piped and works in any device demanding steam. Only requiring sunlight, it seems this is truly renewable once you spend the fairly abundant silver and lead. Especially useful in a forever day mystcraft world. For design I wonder if anyone has...
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    What burns but doesn't destroy?

    Liquid metal! I noticed while doing some creative testing that liquid metal sets things to fire like lava. However it does not destroy items that fall in. A strategically placed obsidian pipe was able to extricate the items from the flowing liquid metal. Trap applications could be many, but...
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    Tinker's Alloys

    'Mighty Smelting' mentions other alloy combinations besides what is listed in the book. However test world experimentation and google searches are yielding me nothing on these 'secret' recipes. Do they exist yet?
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    Are generated mineshafts normally this rich?

    I dug into this and every hallway has at least one if not more of these spots. I have a stack of diamond already without getting through half of this complex.
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    Item Router + BC Hopper = Huh?

    Output from my MFR harvesters go underneath where they are sorted to be appropriately processed. The oak wood travels from its plot to another nearby plot which contains the TE Sawmill. There it should go into an Item Router and then down(black row in GUI), through a single stone pipe which...
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    Bad nether portal spawns.

    Entered the nether for the first time on New World modpack. MC dumped me on a floating island of Soulsand 30+ blocks up from the lava sea. Also a ghast was immediately on my, well you get the idea. Luckily two or three blocks of the floating island are over the shoreline. Had to burrow into...
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    Name that explosion!

    I just started up the New World 1.5.2 pack, mostly for Millenaire. I'm quarrying out some cobble in a cave near a village and hear a rumbling but distinct explosion. No creeper noises so what do you think it was?
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    Induction Smelters with Relays

    So I have a pretty unsophisticated TE-based Ore Smelting/Cooking setup. The whole thing is powered by a boiler and steam engines. Inputs are put into normal chests which feed into Sorting Machines that color code everything saying where its to be sent. A Sand-maker(Extruder + Pulverizer)...
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    Potion throwing human.....

    I just got killed outside my base with 27lvls of exp by some Raiden looking dude who threw potions. Slowed downed and poisoned I was easier work for some spiders. There is also some kind of bad juju aura node near my base(sealed in a hill) that recently released something foul. What is that...