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    Post what April Fools you've done this year! :D
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    Until The End [Magic][Tech][1.7.10]

    This kitchen sink pack is made for weak computers but it also presents enough diversity to give everyone some fun. I don't expect many people to try it but i'd like some feedback. I need some pack art too if anyone can help me with that :T IMPORTANT It seems that the launcher upload derped so...
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    First thing

    Hello and welcome to the remake of "The first thing..." game! What's different? NOTHING. Say the first thing that pops up in your mind after seeing the last word. GO GO GO!
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    What pipes is everyone using until Thermal Dynamics is released and what are the ups and downs of the ones you use?
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    Ever felt like you need to express yourself in such a way it just doesen't fit in a random thread/convo? Well heck! I made this for you! I'll start off with an album of memes (please view in order) due to @playerismc and @ljfa .
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    Drain input?

    The Smeltery Drain fromTinkers's Construct is said to also work as input in "Materials and me". How does one use it as input, if possible?
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    Welcome to QED. Ya know the block from Extra Utilities named QED? It's name is always like this: QED (q... e... d...) where the words are a possible meaning of the acronym QED. Invent your own meanings and post them here. The next person MUST rate the acronym and say their own. Good luck with...
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    Halloween is knocking down my door!

    Hello everyone! Halloween is knocking at our door and it's my favorite holliday. I was wondering if anyone has (or knows) a nice spooky halloween modpack. It would be AWESOME! I really hope to find one. Tord, out!
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    Modular Word Ladder

    Hello and welcome to Word Ladder! A game about words, letters and links. What you gotta do is make a word by changing/adding/removing a letter of the one before. Example: Horse - hoarse/horde Rules: -words must be at least 5 letters long -verbs must be in infinitive tense -nouns must be...