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  1. unknown zombie

    Self-planting saplings?

    I've been playing Regrowth. What mod in that pack makes saplings which fall automatically plant themselves before they despawn? I really like the way that works, and wish it was part of the vanilla game. Also, what mod is making spiders spawn strings?
  2. unknown zombie

    Getting TCon smeltery to output TE metals?

    What would be the best way to go about this? Using ModTweaker to remove all casting basin and casting table recipes and then re-add them, specifying Thermal Expansion blocks/ingots as the output? That seems tedious; is it the only way?
  3. unknown zombie

    COFH World Generation User's Manual

    COFH World Generation User's Manual This post contains two resources that I hope will prove useful to anyone wanting to make their own modpack. Here I will maintain a guide that covers how to customize ore generation using COFH features and a cheat-sheet that lists the internal block names used...
  4. unknown zombie

    Turtles + ProjectRed tools.

    Is anyone able to combine a turtle with one of the PR gem tools? Every time I try I crash and I'm not sure if it's some problem with my configs or a problem with a mod (Misc Peripherals or ProjectRed). I assume it should work, like the gem tools did from RedPower. Especially since it crashes...
  5. unknown zombie

    Small rant about TE.

    I understand why the decision was made to introduce a new type of power. I can't say that I like it, but I can deal with it. It makes a little less sense to me why you would take those steps but still allow one-way conversion. What I really don't get, though, is tesseracts and the way they...
  6. unknown zombie

    Thaumcraft Brain-in-a-Jar disappearing when broken?

    Anyone else having their Brains in Jars just go poof when you try to pick them up? It seems like a bug. There are no particle effects like what you'd usually associate with a broken item, it just suddenly disappears. Edit: Breaking it using a wand focus of Excavation makes it drop normally...
  7. unknown zombie

    Stopping Endermen from picking up blocks.

    Does anyone know of a Forge compatible mod that will stop Endermen from picking up blocks? I'm tired of the grass around my base starting to look like swiss cheese.
  8. unknown zombie

    Forestry Bee Houses & mutations

    I thought that Bee Houses weren't supposed to allow mutations? I have spent the last few days breeding a Meadows Queen just to get some honeycombs. Since I was under the impression that Bee Houses didn't allow mutation, I have been pumping her full of Wintry Drones, just to be rid of them in a...
  9. unknown zombie

    Old Forestry Thermionic Fabricator recipes.

    Anyone else miss the old Thermionic Fabricator utilities? Like being able to melt down ingots and make metal blocks, armor, etc? I wonder if it will make a comeback at some point, and I wonder why it went away in the first place. Maybe because of how fluids changed in the oreDict a while back...
  10. unknown zombie

    Biomes O Plenty & other mods' worldgen (Forestry, ExB, MB, TC4)

    Is BoP world generation playing nice with other mods? I play on a custom modpack that includes (among other things) BoP, Forestry, Extra Bees, Magic Bees, Thaumcraft 4, and Buildcraft. After playing for about a week I've realized that I am having a hard time finding beehives (they seem very...
  11. unknown zombie

    No minimap after update?

    I read that REI's minimap was getting axed because it caused memory leaks, and was being replaced with voxelmap.. I am still getting memory leaks anyway, though, so why was REIs removed if that wasn't it? But, at any rate, after updating I don't have a minimap at all. How do I turn on voxelmap?
  12. unknown zombie

    [solved] Problem with electrical engines & advanced solar panels

    I just set up a bee breeding station outside and I've hooked up two electrical engines with iron electron tube upgrades (-1 eu/t input) to some advanced solar panels in order to run a couple of machines related to apiculture. Now, with the iron electron tube upgrades the engines should only be...
  13. unknown zombie

    Does industrial centrifuge kill anyone else's framerate?

    I get about 100 fps in my workshop until I start using the industrial centrifuge, at which time it drops to 10-15 FPS.. Anyone else having this issue?
  14. unknown zombie

    [solved] crash with optifine

    Hello -- I am trying to use Optifine_1.4.6_HD_U_B6 and each time I try to load a world Minecraft will hang. I have also tried to use Optifine_1.4.6_HD_B6 with the same results. The game will load normally when Optifine is disabled. The mod has been installed from within the launcher by putting...