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    What is the most overpowered mod in your opinion (NO ORESPAWN)

    I would say balance is a mixture of a few things (it's how I balance stuff, I haven't released much for Minecraft though): * Recipe Tedium (0-4) * Time Consumption (0-4) * Resource Consumption (0-4) * Additional: Automation Tedium/Difficulty (0-4) * Additional: Multiblock Structure...
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    DiscordCE - Connect to Discord in Minecraft

    RS3 *vomits*, otherwise really good job lol.
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    [Witchery] Vampires: List of ways to kill?

    Don't forget that if a Vampire player is sleeping, attacking them with a Stake will instantly kill them.
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    Thanks for whatever reason I couldn't find it (It was Biome FX), I must be blind. Edit: Thanks for helping instead of just asking if I even looked; I had a long day that day and I was getting frustrated even though I was staring at the config I just couldn't find it for some reason. Too tired I...
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    I'd really like to live in Rainbow forests but I hate that sphere of energy you get around you while in them, is there a way to remove that its really distracting and keeps me from wanting to live there. If there isn't could you please add a clientside config option for it?
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    How do you get "A second layer", I've gone to the ceiling of the nether and it seems to not work.
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    Mod Feedback ChromatiCraft questions and suggestions

    I'm fairly certain Minecraft didn't shut your computer down, but shutting your computer down while playing minecraft WILL corrupt saves.
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    If you want to make a weaker tool than your non-tic one might as well beable to.
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    I was just using it as an example. I haven't tried, I just don't see anything in TiCon that shouldn't beable to be made (Even though I personally do not like TiCon since it makes early game much easier).
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    I think you should add that as a config option with its name being something like "TiCIsntBetter" or something as a nod to both functionality and forcing them to search how online likely leading them to information why the tools are better without being TiCified. Either way, I've always wanted a...
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    Magic Damage in Mods

    Magic damage is Void Damage, Damage that ignores mostly everything.
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    Is there a way to forbid the player to place items in chests?

    Time to build a house out of chests lol.
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    Great Mods That Aren't Mainstream

    I decided to look through my history, bookmarks and think about anything nice that's not popular that comes to mind. I actively seek out odd/unpopular mods as it brings in fresh gameplay. Inductive Automation, Calculator, Icarus and Engineer's Toolbox are mod's that really stand out on that list...
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    Great Mods That Aren't Mainstream

    Inductive Automation Essentialcraft 3 Oldowan Obsidian Icarus Magnanimous Tools Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets Matter Overdrive Immibis Macroblocks Passive Torch Primitive Mobs Potion Packs Quiver Bow Quiver Mobs Super Crafting Frame Ridiculous World Compact Machines Chromaticraft Useful TNT Void...
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    Mod Equivalents: Need something like that? Ask here!

    Item Transport Inductive Automation: Extraction Pipes, Insertion Pipes, Warp Pipes, Interdimensional Worm Holes, Teleporters, Item Sorters, Item Flow Regulators Liquid/Fluid Transport Inductive Automation: Fluid Extraction Pipes, Fluid Insertion Pipes Energy Transport Inductive Automation...
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    Request Crashing that looks to have a connection to Tesseracts

    Above 4 causes more issues than it fixes but you need to not have another program using memory as well.
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    Botania - An innovative natural magic themed tech mod (Not in beta any more!)

    Their not saying its too slow, or requires too much mana; their saying it requires too little mana and want to make it harder.
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    ljfa's mods - Glass shards, Explosion control, Adventure mode from 1.8 brought back, and a bit more!

    I had a half-baked Idea if you want it; Glass Dust - Can be thrown to inflict 1 half heart of damage and cause blindness for 8 seconds. Glass Dust is 1:1 Glass Shards however Glass Dust if not melted down in a TiCon Smeltery requires to be crafted with 3 other Glass Dust to make 1 Glass Shard...
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    Your thoughts on mob mods/tougher mobs?

    Primitive Mobs; Fear without the enemies being tanks (unlike Lycanites Mobs). Lava Monsters; Makes Lava and getting Diamonds a little more annoying.