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  1. Lyra_Chan

    Important older mods that aren't in FTB packs

    I'm working on a modpack that is a compilation of important 1.4.7 mods. Obviously, I have the important FTB stuff. IC2, Buildcraft, etc, but I want to know if there's anything else that was really big around that time that wasn't in FTB. If you have any other mods for other versions. 1.5.2 or...
  2. Lyra_Chan

    Looking for a vanilla styled redstone mod

    Hi, it's been a while since I made a thread here :3 I've been working on a magic/adventure pack for the past 2 weeks , for 1.7.10 (Not 100% sure if I'm going to release it or not) In the pack, vanilla styled automation is highly encouraged, how ever, I would like to add a mod that expands upon...
  3. Lyra_Chan

    LMT2 Alternate Names

    So I was about to start porting LMT2 over to 1.8.9 (Because that's the version I'm playing at the moment) And I thought it was time for a.. better name. In case you are not familiar with what LMT stands for, it stands for Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets. The reason I want to change the name is...
  4. Lyra_Chan

    What mod items would you like to see a return in 1.8.9?

    What are some modded items from other mods, or just in general would you like to see in 1.8.9? It can't be from mods that are confirmed to be either updating or already updated to 1.8.9.
  5. Lyra_Chan

    Interesting Mods For Biospheres.

    I've been playing around with the New Biosphere's mod a bit and a very interesting mod to base a pack around. If you want a list of the mods I'm using, so you don't suggest a mod I already have, or you are just in general interested, here I'm looking for small interesting mods that I adds...
  6. Lyra_Chan

    Botania and Twilight Forest

    I am working on a new pack that is more of a "Hard-Mode" pack. I decided to make a pack for myself that is a bit more challenging, but at the same time, not so frustrating that I will want to quit after maybe a day or so. I was wondering if there was a way to where I can make it so that Botania...
  7. Lyra_Chan

    Underrated Mods

    He all have that one mod we really like, but no one ever talks about or uses. What are some mods you guys and gals think are underrated. I made a thread like this a while ago, but that thread is long dead. :P
  8. Lyra_Chan

    Texture Artist and Modeler needed

    Hello! I am working on a mod called Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets, (or LMT for short :P). If you been paying attention to WNIMM, then you probably seen it around. I am looking for a permanent texture artist as well as a modeler, as I am not that great with either. I do like a lot of the textures...
  9. Lyra_Chan

    {1.7.10} Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets

    An Extra Utilities Mod :3 This mod as various items based on the 7 deadly sins (OoooOoo spokeh) This mod is still in development, so keep in mind that not everything is added. So lets get into what's in the mod! WORLD GEN: Yes, this mod has world gen. A new stone will spawn, but something...
  10. Lyra_Chan

    Confessions of a Mod/Modpack Dev

    We all have secrets. I and other developers included. What are some confessions that you mod/modpack devs that you would like to share about your experiences in programming with forge or making modpacks?
  11. Lyra_Chan

    Items/Blocks/Mods you think should be in the Avaritia 9x9 Table

    Avaritia has came out... sort of >.> The Dire Crafting Table is here at least so it's a start :P I was looking at Draconic Evolution, and I been thinking of a way to balance it. So, I simply pushed every thing to the 9x9 table. Is it still imbalanced? Oh god, yes. But it got me thinking, what...
  12. Lyra_Chan

    Nethermine 2 + DivineRPG

    Hello :3 I been looking at Nethermine 2 as well as the DivineRPG port for 1.7.10. I noticed that they balance perfectly together. Both originally being from the same author, it doesn't surprise me :P But I was wondering, would it be possible to have them with both mods installed? I know there is...
  13. Lyra_Chan

    ~{1.7.10}~ Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets

    EDIT (Again): Post Moved to
  14. Lyra_Chan

    Universal breeding tool

    I am trying to make an item that lets you breed any 2 animals of the same type without it costing a thing. So for example, how you would breed two cows with wheat, you would only have to use this one item and it would cost nothing. Problem is, I have no clue on how to do that. There are no...
  15. Lyra_Chan

    Fun mods available for 1.8

    I was wondering what mods are available for 1.8 that are worth looking at. Mostly just out of curiosity if it's worth pushing my personal pack to 1.8 or if I should stay on 1.7.10 and wait till 1.9.
  16. Lyra_Chan

    Ore gen problems

    For the past couple of days, I been a having problems with ore gen, in specific variables. This is the code I was having issues with public void generateOre(Block block, World world, Random random, int chunkX, int chunkZ, int minVienSize, int maxVienSize, int chance, int minY, int...
  17. Lyra_Chan

    Bug Draconic Evolution GL Error

    I was messing around with Draconic Evolution, checking out the tools and what not and I came across this bug here I am not sure if I am the only one having this bug or not, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it. :L It only seems to happen when I have any of the picks from DE.
  18. Lyra_Chan

    Minetweaker Help

    I been trying to add a recipe for Cloud Boots from Chocolate Quest for a modpack that I am working on. I can't seem to get it to work properly. This is the code: recipes.addShaped(<chocolateQuest:cloudBoots>, [[<Botania:rune:3> , null, <Botania:rune:3>], [<ArchimedesShips:balloon>, null...
  19. Lyra_Chan

    Anime with best music?

    Which anime do you think has the best music ^^ Personally for me it's a tie between Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking with Garderbelt, Soul Eater, or Kill la Kill. My favourite being from each sound track being Libra me from hell (Gurren Lagann), Cherry Boy Riot (PSG), Boom Boom Pow (Soul...
  20. Lyra_Chan

    Minecraft skin game

    Show off your skin and the poster below you rates it out of 10 :3 My skin