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  1. SoraZodia

    Werewolf! [Game Thread]

    It's been 20 years since the last werewolf attack, the town had rebuild themselves since then and had been enjoying a stable and easy-going life. Shops has been blooming and the night has been alive with music, festivals, and the occasional glumly old man. But as midnight rolls in for the...
  2. SoraZodia

    Werewolf! [Signup]

    A basic wolfwere game, based off the one from Were be the Werewolf? Backstory: You are an inhabitant of a town with a long history of being the target of multiple werewolf attacks and spontaneous memory loss. A new wave of werewolf has once again sneaked their way into town and started a...
  3. SoraZodia

    IRL 9x9 houses

    I had kind of fallen asleep during an recent architecture lecture. When I came to, I woke up to the image of this Followed by the speaker saying "9x9 house". Upon further research to find the image again, I stumble across another 9x9 house build: I can't help but think that the designers...