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    Bug Botania Force Relay (1.7.10 Regrowth Recommended)

    I am using force relays to redirect warp lens'd mana beams. Every time I reload the world the settings reset. Is this intentional?
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    [Regrowth] Namiasdf's Review

    For all those out there who have been playing FTB since the good ole' BC/IC2, or even before those days... I would strongly suggest you try out Regrowth. Regrowth's goal is the revitalization of a desolate world, devote of any resource, or animal/plant life, using: Various magic mods Limited...
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    Bug New JABBA Feature!

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    Bug DW20 1.7.10 - IC2 Nano Armour + TC4.2 Runic Charges (Baubles)

    TC4.2 runic charges absorb damage. IC2 nano armour takes durability based on damage taken. When damage is taken, runic charges are used, durability is taken from nano armour. Charge on nano armour does not register damage. i.e. My nano pants @ 100% charge, but no durability, broke...
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    AE2 Processor/Charged Quartz Automation (1 Channel)

    On one channel, I've created a system which successfully autocrafts (per request) all 4 presses + combination of chips into processor, and charged quartz charging. Ender I/O is OP. Screens to come.
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    How many play Vanilla?

    How many of you guys play vanilla regularly? If so, compare it to your FTB hours. Also, for those whom don't play vanilla... If vanilla had TiCo & AE (and that's it), would you play it then?
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    AE2 Controller Optimization.

    A couple facts: Each side of the controller can handle up to 32 channels Additional channels can be added to network via placing additional controllers adjacent to current controller (with a few structure rules) Dense lines from each side must be completely independent of another, or else the...
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    Flux Upgrade Problems

    DW 1.7 Cobalt hammer head, rest paper. Accepted leadstone energy cell upgrade for RF. Manyll sword blade, rest paper. Accepted hardened flux capacitor upgrade for RF. Cobalt shovel/hatchet/pick head, rest paper. Does not accept either. Discuss.
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    1.7 Stability

    Now that we've had this whole fiasco of people leaving/making their stuff OS, it might be the case where future modpacks from here on will be... Lacking? With some very major mod makers out of the game, how will 1.7 "Ultimate/Unleashed/Monster" compare to its predecessors, in terms of offering...
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    Monster will not launch despite BnB launching

    As title says. I've tried: changing my JVM arguments, reinstalling Monster, downloading FTB launcher again, reinstalling Java 8 SRE BnB launches, and Monster was launching up until just this afternoon. Not sure what's going on.
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    BnB: Number Grinding

    So get this: (a) Planks 1 wood = 2 planks 2 planks = 3 items per wood. (b) Charcoal 2 wood = 4 dust (2 grind = 0.25 charcoal?) 4 dust = 1 charcoal (smelt) 1 charcoal = 8 items - 1 smelt = (7/2) - 0.25 = 3.25 items per wood. (c) Saw'd Wood 1 wood = 4 planks - saw 1 saw = 2 sticks, 3 stone...
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    BnB: Hearts Not Recovering

    I've been eating food that gives me 1.5 hunger. iirc that should give me 0.5 hearts worth of recovery. This isn't happening though. Any ideas why?
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    Decorating Sucks.

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    Ore Processing

    The antics of ore processing is deeply imbedded in the personal attitudes of each FTB player. With so many choices, with so many advantage/disadvantages to one another, I find it interesting to understand why you have made your choices, regarding which ore processing method you have gone with...
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    MFFS vs. IC2 Recipes

    I've noticed that a lot of recipes have the option for either, specifically circuits. Is there any advantage to the MFFS version? Can I turn them off, and still access MFFS utilizing IC2 recipes? Also, is there a config to disable forestry gears? I don't mind spending the iron every single...
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    Can you LAN worlds across the internet, or do you need to be directly connected

    I want to be able to set up my worlds, in a non-server situation, such that people can explore and give me praise. Is converting to LAN and having people connect via IP sufficient? I don't know how this shit works mang.
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    Need blocks that look like dis.

    Yeah fuckers.