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  1. J

    Ftb Interactions Installation Issue

    Hi, Whenever I try to install it I get the error; Downloaded File is not the same size
  2. J

    Some help and maybe a bug?

    Alright, so im planning on killing the chaos dragon in IE Skyblock, what enchantments and upgrade modifiers (using cores) would you suggest on draconium armour. Now the bug (I think)? Im trying to do the Psuedo sigil thing, I get the message to do the sacrifice, but killing an iron golem does...
  3. J

    Mob Farm Problem

    That is how I have my autonomous activators setup. The mobs are pushed in between them. Now I only need two of them to have Scythes in, however the problem is Lets say I have the scythes in the two top ones. After a certain amount of time (I have specified 300 seconds with SFM to pull and...
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    Question about the ender quarry

    Okay, different upgrades have different energy usages. Lets say the base use is 1k RF/T Adding the fortune 3 upgrade would be 80k Rf/T as it is 80x power usage (Am I right? Please say if not). However If I add the speed III upgrade (2x power usage) Would my new power usage be 160k RF/T or 82k...
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    Siege of the Wolves | Game Thread

    ONLY POST HERE IF YOU ARE IN THE LIST BELOW You DO NOT have to vote everyday. (So please don't anti smite as you won't be smited for not voting.) However please try to role-play and contribute to the game in anyway possible. There is no nobody. HOWEVER if no votes are placed, a random person...
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    Siege of the Wolves | Sign Up Thread

    You DO NOT have to vote everyday. (So please don't anti smite as you won't be smited for not voting.) However please try to role-play and contribute to the game in anyway possible. However you have to vote atleast once every two days. There is no nobody. HOWEVER if no votes are placed, a random...
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    Players for a whitelist server

    So me and a friend have decided to start a modded server. However we would like people to play with. Please post here if you would like to play with reasons why I should pick you. Once we have got a good player base we will decide a mod pack. (ATM we are thinking of FtB Monster 1.1.2) Looking...
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    My Photoshop Adventures - Jus2Beast

    Hey guys Il be posting some of my Photoshop works here :). [spoiler] ^ this one was incomplete, the guys who asked for it never responded ;( ^ youtube banner And finally my favourite
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    Jus2Beast's FtB Adventure!

    Hey guys I thought I would start a new world today and keep you guys updated :). I am using Direwolf20 1.6 version 1.0.21, however I added about 18 mods and have disabled only one mod, Journey Map. Advanced genetics Damage Indicators Backpack Mod Better Storage Compact Windmills JABBA...
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    Unlimited and Cheap Glowstone Generator!

    Okay this a method to farm glow stone. Pretty simple and doesn't require many resources to start. Here is what I use: -Any block of your choice -Energised Glow stone Bucket -Gelid Cryotheum Bucket (for this next bit feel free to use any method of breaking a block) -A block breaker -A Block...
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    The 3 Word Story

    Hey guys I thought I'd start a new forum game, basically you can only use 3 words to continue the story and it MUST link to the 3 words from the post above E.G Post 1 : The sky is Post 2 : filled with clouds Try not to end the sentence however if it does end just start a new one :). Edit...
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    How would I get rid of smoke? I let of a smoke nade in my base. big mistake have a smoke roof now D:
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    Mystcraft Admin Only

    How can I make a server so mystcraft is admin only? I dont want any people on the server to be able to make ages and if they want it only an admin can make it. How do I do this?
  14. J

    Steam boilers + Dynamo

    How many steam dynamos can 1 full steam boiler power? (3x4x3) being powered by charcoal.
  15. J

    Thaumcraft 4 Infusion Crafting

    What is the maximum distance the warded jar can be away from the centre pedestal area.
  16. J

    Mystcraft Bug?

    Just created a mystcraft age and it has 480 chunks loaded, even though I dont have a chunk loader there any idea why? Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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    Ore Automation | AE + IC2

    Okay so I have a quarry in the deep dark which stores all items in deep storages and bees in a filing cabinet, however because Im auto processing the ores the deep storages "empty out" and then other items fill the deep storage for the ores, is there anyway I can tell the AE system to always...
  18. J

    Power Conversion

    Is it possible to turn MJ/RF into EU in 1.6.4 DW
  19. J

    IC2 Metal Former

    I am automating the metal former using IC2 and I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me everything that can be "extruded" and the outcome, or send me to a list of what can be done in the metal former.
  20. J

    Ars magica 2

    Im sure other people have this problem, but the crystal wrench wont link the neutral nexus to the crafting altar.