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    FTB Launcher update/twitch changeover

    Anyone know what the latest is? Will FTB launcher be updated for 1.14 packs? Does the FTB Launcher update automatically when opened or do I need to do it manually? Is the twitch association still ending? Just wondering where I should invest my time. Thanks. :)
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    Revelations Actually additions farmer not keeping ender pearls

    I've used the farmer in several other mod packs to farm ender lilies. It's harvested two ender lily plants and replanted but no pearl appeared in the farmer inventory. Is this a bug or has it been nerfed?
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    Problem Mystical Agriculture Unstable 1.12 tinkering table, unable to upgrade armor/tools

    I've been trying to upgrade Supremium armor and sword, using a Supremium Tinkering Table with no success. Mystical Agriculture added Tinkering Tables based on TC tables for adding upgrades, you can no longer use a crafting table. However, placing the item in the center, and the charm/upgrade...
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    Inventory controls (middle click, right click) not working, again

    After getting used to not having middle click, it started working again (I think after an update), then yesterday for no reason, and no changes, it stopped. Additionally, the right click to halve a stack stopped working this time. I have searched all the menus, including the one top right of...
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    Am I the only one disappointed with Draconic in Beyond?

    This is not a rant or bashing of DE. However, some of the new crafting mechanisms and the nerfing have left me disappointed. It seems DE caved to the vocal minority hollering about it being OP, then went on to gregtech the crafting, specifically the injectors which are reminiscent of lasers...
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    Beyond single player laggy, launches slow

    Once again having issues with java hogging cpu. Started a single player Beyond game last week and everything was fine, then suddenly after many many hours of game play it became laggy. When I rebooted game it took at least 5x longer to launch. My efforts to solve this have failed. I had the same...
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    Java high cpu windows 10 Infinity

    I have been beating my head against this wall for a month now. I wasnt having any issues until late Dec. I have done clean installs twice now of both FTB and Java, and one clean install of Windows 10 OS. All my settings both audio and video are set to minimum. If I do a clean install of...
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    TiCo enderium nerf, what version?

    Got a new computer and haven't migrated my old world over, and not sure I will, and I want to set my current world back to before the nerf. Anyone know? Thanks.
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    Draconic flight super slow

    So I finally made the upgrade to a draconic chestplate and discovered that I can barely fly as fast as a leadstone pack. I've set speed to +800, I'm looking in the configs and the only speed setting i found is set to 10 which i think is max. I have wyvern helmet leggings and boots. Does the...
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    Mod with interactive "people" other than villagers?

    It gets a lil lonely sometimes in single player and villagers are just, well, not great companions or "neighbors" ( i have an inexplainable urge to pillage the village when it comes to them). There was a mod that had "people" called Driads (?) who's company I enjoyed even though they weren't...
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    Miners backpack broken?

    Started a new Infinity world and part of my early game strategy is miners backpacks while exploring, but I cant place ores or ingots in it nor will it pick up ores when mined. anyone else experience this?
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    I have been suggesting an early game storage mod like this for awhile now and EZ storage nailed it. It is nearly exactly what I had envisioned. Nice job @EZ Storage dev. :) Edit: I am playing the latest Unstable pack.
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    Will offline play ever be fixed?

    Ive asked about this before and was given a bunch of procedures to try fixing it including sending the log. Nothing has worked. It's obviously broken. So those times I don't have Internet access the one thing I could do to occupy time is unavailable because the FTB launcher has to go online...
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    Twilight Forest. I need a reason to go there.

    Other than it's interesting and some people find it fun. :D What I mean is, I wish that the core mods would add something to their pack that would give me a reason to go do a little exploring there, without necessarily needing to complete the levels or tasks. And I don't mean adding something...
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    EU derp in Infinity. Quarry and trash cans stopped working.

    So I went to the end to summon dragon and get some draconium and when I came back my ender quarry wasn't working, and trash cans wouldn't allow input. I tried exiting world a couple times and that didnt help, so i closed and reloaded, still no change. Finally I broke and reset trash cans, that...
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    Chicken chunks got the axe in Infinity update?

    Went to make a chunk loader in my newest world and no matter how much I retyped "chunk loader" or clicky clicked, no chicken chunks chunk loader. I am not amused. The MFR chunk loader is not an acceptable option. Thats what i get for updating. :/
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    Backing up game? Also, starting over, again.

    So this is basically a two part post. Backing up game, and the ambivalence of starting over. Had a bad chunk or something crashing game as soon as I spawned in. Looked in files and the only backups I had were from March? Updated pack and game is gone anyway but I wouldn't mind knowing how to...
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    Revisiting old packs. Direwolf20 1.0.23

    Does anyone else enjoy this? While I get an immense amount of enjoyment from the new packs and new tech, I've recently started playing older packs. Currently it's Dires 1.0.23. I'm really having a lot of fun. Trying to remember what I learned previously and figuring out new ways to progress in...
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    Offline FTB play revisited. Again.

    So I had a power outage today and thought no biggee, I'll just FTB Minecraft on. Wrong. I checked and I've selected save token and password. So apparently FTB is still not working offline. I didn't get a chance to check vanilla to see if it works, but thats irrelevant to this discussion/rant. I...
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    1.0.2: Mekanism chem inj and purification chamber will not accept ores from pipes

    Version: 1.0.2 What is the bug: I've tried several ways, verifying sides and pipes are set correctly. Ores can be inserted manually but will not insert from logistical transport pipes or EU pipe. Pipes work on other machines. Mod & Version: log: Can it be...