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    Direwolf20 1.5 Griefprevention Config

    Ok here is a list of IDs in the config. I'm sure there are lots missing and some that we have banned so I didn't add them. It is a good starting point at least. Feel free to edit it and use it.
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    Server troubleshooting questions

    So after going through quite a lot of posts on some of the same things, I thought Id put together a Troubleshooting questions post for those that need it. These are a lot of the questions and things to test that I'll try before asking for help. If you do them, you are more likely to get help...
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    Greylist Server Gamers-Alliance|Direwolf20 v1.6.4 1.0.12|Grey List| 25 Slot|16+|MCPC+

    Server Website address: Guests are free to join and explore. You must apply on the website to having building rights. Rules & Guidelines -This is an family freindly server, but if you are uner 16 you must have an adult sponser...
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    Forge Mods (server side only)

    So im looking at compiling a list of mods you have got working. These would NOT be plugins and not using MCPC+. It would only be ones that work on the server only and that the clients don't need to install. ForgeEssentials-Permissions & commands MyTown-Chunk protection PEX (newer forge...
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    Grief prevention

    I know this is a popular topic, but everything I find is older info. So I'm looking for more up to date stuff. I would like to know what forge based mods are you using so players can set claims? I tried mytown but it need pex and I use forgeessentials. They didn't seem to work well together.
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    Banned items and why?

    I wanted to have a consolidated list admins can refer to to avoid problems. I would like to keep this to the item and why it's banned and how you banned it. -item : how disabled : why -All anchors : disabled chunk loading in config : no need for undo lag -advanced crafting table ...