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    storage drawers forestry permissions

    so i saw in the permissions site on ftb that on storage drawers permissions there is something called misc pack. so does this include all the storage drawers additions by the same creator like the bioms o plenty one and forestry one, or am i missing something?
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    help with resource packs for a modpack

    so i have been making a modpack that uses specific resource packs in a particular order. but because i upload the options file with the pack each update people need to reset the options how they like and it causes some issues for people that play on peaceful because it keeps changing back to...
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    dropbox problem

    so i have been making a pack called survival industry with reteo and i found out that ,y dropbox is full, so i can't update unless i delete the older versions. is there a file hosting that you don't need to pay to and have big amount of storage or even infinite storage?
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    [1.7.10] Survival industry [rotarycraft based tech]

    Survival Industry, by gerb82 and reteo, is a progressive sandbox challenge modpack designed to be difficult, but not too difficult. "Your goals are to survive, automate, and go nuts. How you go about this is entirely up to you; there is a progression, but it is not absolute. If you manage to...