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    Biomes o' Plenty biomes not spawning in the 1.5.2 packs?

    I've started up a few worlds with Unleashed and the DW20 1.5 packs, and while I see Biomes o' Plenty in the mod list, I am seeing nothing but vanilla biomes. Anyone having the same thing happen or know what might be wrong?
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    Tinker's Construct repair materials

    Just starting out I made a set of tools using Stone tool heads, flint for binding/crossguard, and bone handles. I had read that the tool head determined the type of material needed to repair in the table. I can't seem to find a material that will successfully repair the tools. My question --...
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    Windows .exe No sounds in newly downloaded packs.

    I have been updating Mindcrack and DW20 packs for a while now and having very few problems. I decided to try out the Lite pack and realized that no sounds were playing. DW20 and Mindcrack still played sounds when I checked them. Then I downloaded Tech World and had the same problem... no sound...
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    DW20 pack and grav suite

    OK... so the DW20 pack includes the Gravitation Suite, but uses Compact Solars instead of Advanced Solars. While playing DW20 I was messing around in NEI and could not get a recipe for the ultimate solar helmet to pop up. Later on I was looking at the same thing in Mindcrack and it listed an...
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    So I was worried when i saw V2 of the DW20 pack show up...

    Because I had just put in REI's minimap, EE3, and InvTweaks and didn't want to lose them... *loads up list of mods* "oh good, they're still there." *looks at changelog* "oh..."
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    Some interesting new ores

    Found some Ferrous Ore and Aluminium Ore while mining in the DW20 pack. The aluminium seems to be used only for making cans or cells for holding liquids, though I assume if gregtech was installed you could use it for other things. I can't find a single use for Ferrous Ore or its products. If...
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    Bees in Eternal Day Mystcraft Ages

    So, many (all?) bee species only work during the day. I know that in my eternal day ages, REI's minimap will still show darkness based on world time, so the map will be dark sometimes if I have that setting enabled. My question is -- do forestry's bees work round the clock in an eternal day...
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    Induction Smelter and/or Pulverizer?

    So the smelter will cook up 2 dust or 1 ore into 2 ingots with a bit of sand. The pulverizer makes dust which you can then smelt, but also has a small chance for an extra dust from some ores. Do you guys use one or both of these in your TE setups?
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    Other uses for Creosote Oil

    What do you guys generally do with your creosote oil? I like to push a coke oven early on for coal coke, but I always fill it up with creosote and I don't really seem to make a lot of rails. I know it no longer burns in forestry engines, but have heard it will work with the railcraft steam...