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    Help with computer craft

    Hello everybody, I am trying to learn a little with turtles, is posible get out a item of specific slot to the turtle? I am using a mixer and I want automate the filling of buckets but when I try to get the empy bucket I can't...
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    Shiny Ingot

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how to get shiny ingots more easily, I only get it through ferrous ore, but in very small quantities from 2 stacks only get 3 ingots, there is another way to get it?
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    automatically Fill buckets

    Anybody knows a easy way to fill buckets, since RP is not in 1.5.2 I dont know how can I do, I was thinking use Computer craft but I am so lazy and the english is a little dificult for me, is posible use logistics pipes for do it? I dont want use liquid transposer because is I think that is an...
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    Help me, Modular power suits

    Hello, my problem is that I chance the colors of my power suits with L key, howerver the texture is mising, its looks like steve. I dont know why, I am using unleashed with optifine, how I can change the colors? Sorry my english, is not my navite language :)
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    Mac mini hd 4000?

    Hello guys! I'm thinking of buying a mac mini What do you think about the performance of mac mini i7 with HD 4000 to play minecraft, can I play any pack over 60 fps with good graphics optifine or its going with lags Sorry my english :)
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    G13 or G19 Keyboard

    I want to buy a new keyboard but I have not decided for one, which you would choose between g13 or g19, more than anything to play minecraft ;) I like the g13 because is small, the g19 looks a little big can I customize the shortcut keys with shortcuts?
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    Thaumcraft 3

    After to play for a while with thaumcraft I dont see the runes of portal, anybody knows if azanor will include portals in the new thaumcraft, is was so cool! I miss it :(
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    Portal gun insane recipe

    I know that portal gun was overpower, but the actual recipe is insane to get the nether star, you need very time to defeat the witcher, however in dungeons is posible find a portal gun in a chest, after 3 hours looking for it and fight with skeletons, spiders and creepers I only find seeds in...