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    Need some advice/help from anyone at all.

    I play on a small FTB server not many of use at this time due to lack of plugins etc. Anyways yesterday one of our players had a reactor to blow up,rather half of there house. Which I only found out today so I connected and I went to there house to help them Start the rebuild of there land and...
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    Need help please.Electrical engines+Rolling machine

    Someone told me to use electrical engines to power my rolling machine and other machines that need MJ? I cant seem to even get the Electrical engines to work.Could someone tell me how to use them and what powers them and well maybe some tips to power those types of machines because tbh I have...
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    Mass Fabricator? No Recipe?

    Is this a Bug or is something missing that allows nei to show the recipe the mass fabricator? I tried and I could not get it to work at all.
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    Windows .exe Rei's Minimap Issue

    Anyone else encountered any problems using Rei's minimap in the FTB modpack in single player? mine is buggy and I don't know how to fix it:(. its not loading right as it should but on servers its fine which is weird. I don't know if this is a bug or not so I didn't want to misplace it there...