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  1. Strikingwolf

    Functional Programming Defenders

    we are the FP defenders. Defending with Clojure and Haskell. (@ljfa @Someone Else 37 ) Relatedly I am doing type stuff in Haskell
  2. Strikingwolf

    Wherein Strikingwolf tries to get people to test something

    Anyway, I need testers for this And i'm not even sure how I would get it done myself
  3. Strikingwolf

    Forge and Nova

    Yeah today was an...interesting day...
  4. Strikingwolf


    There are always a few problems with Mojang code. I don't have specifics here on a lot of the stuff I've seen, but I'll give you the gist. A bug since alpha pushed the whole texture library to the GPU every tick. Fixed in 1.7...sure you couldn't have fixed that sooner? No onArmourDequip...
  5. Strikingwolf

    Public Pack Codes Directory

    This system has been switched to a git based system hosted on github. To add your pack or to contribute in general please fork the repository, make your changes, then submit a pull request. If you do not know how to use github then please refer to the document. Using this method...
  6. Strikingwolf

    Reflection Utility Class

    Here is the final version. Thought this would be good for some of us people who need it.
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    Github and Modpack development

    The PhoenixTeam uses public github repositories for our modpack development. One of our members, @Elec332, brought up that since we were technically rehosting the files through github that we could not use it for modpack dev collaboration without having perms for all mods. This was troubling to...
  8. Strikingwolf

    Rust Programming Language Pros and Cons

    So I just was quickly taking a look at Rust and I am blown away. I was wondering what yall thought about this programming language :)
  9. Strikingwolf

    My Story

    So it has been a while since I started here and I have my own little story to tell. So here goes. I was born and raised until 7 Pentecostal (A Christian denomination with some firm beliefs). At age 7 my mother cut her hair and gave it to a cancer charity. In the Pentecostal religion it is a sin...
  10. Strikingwolf

    Kicking someone from a PM

    I know this has been talked about multiple times, but I have found no concrete answers on it. First of all is it even possible with Xenforo, and second of all are y'all willing to do it. As I know @Captainnana is the lead web dev I will ping him
  11. Strikingwolf

    Nested Spoilers

    I was wondering why these didn't work properly and if there was a fix. Thanks in advance for any help
  12. Strikingwolf

    Code Snippets/Classes

    This is intended to be a place where you post general code snippets to do crap :p Basic Classes How about I start us off with the most basic classes of all, the base mod class, my counterpart for it the Reference class, and the proxy classes Base Mod class for you (Requires Reference and Proxy...
  13. Strikingwolf

    Simple Modding Q&As

    This is intended to be a thread to ask simple questions I'll start us off. How would I turn "minecraft:rotten_flesh" into Items.rotten_flesh in my code (and have "minecraft:rotten_flesh" changeable in configs)
  14. Strikingwolf

    New Section!

    Just a thread to commemorate the new section
  15. Strikingwolf

    Fastest Filling of a Mana Pool

    After the recent addition of sparks allowing for extremely fast mana pool filling I decided to make this array of currently broken images :p After doing so I put a dominant augmentation on the middle pool and it fills almost instantly as you can see here @Vazkii doesn't that look nice :p
  16. Strikingwolf

    Eyamaz wants to kill us all

    So I decided I would try BnB again...well I started it up and got pretty far. I was on my first night in a tree doing great, but then a fire creeper explodes from 6 blocks away or something and spawns cinders knocks me out of a tree and god knows what else ;)
  17. Strikingwolf

    Profile Pic suggestions for next time

    So I have been thinking about getting a new picture for my profile and have found some pictures that I like and I wondered if this forum could decide between my current pic , these pics I found, and any others you find. Current Wise Wolf Lightning Wolf Shaman Wolf Silver Wolf
  18. Strikingwolf

    Using AE crafting with LP

    I have connected my AE and LP networks and have been using the remote orderer with an ender chest. However, I cannot request items I can craft with my AE network. Is there anyway to do this
  19. Strikingwolf

    Thanks to Mod Makers

    I just wanted to say thanks for all your work. I hope y'all continue to do what y'all do best. I would like others to comment their thanks please.
  20. Strikingwolf

    CHALLENGE: Automation builds using Railcraft, Thaumcraft, Mystcraft portals, and TE3

    Can anyone think of a way to automate a process within these mods with these mods and vanilla alone :cool: