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    Why isn't killer joe working?

    Yup, Killer Joes are a faced item. Yours is aiming at a wall.
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    I pity the computer running the instance.
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    Extreme Reactors simple question.

    No, Extreme Reactors is the evolution of Big Reactors for 1.10. The Legacy parts are based off the original Big Reactors mod. The author intends to expand it but put out the updated core for people. Right now there is nothing the pack apart from the legacy equipment. Basically with using the...
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    [Direwolf20 1.10.2] RF to EU?

    Personally if I go back into IC2 it will be swapping ou the the IC2e version and installing IC2 Classic.
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    Whats the best power generator?

    Well either way when you start getting into those levels the approach is the same: Do it perfectly or rebuild your base. :D
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    Whats the best power generator?

    Technically the absolute top would be the Draconic Evolution reactor as it has theoretically no upper limit. That said you will have to be VERY careful in getting up to the silly high levels or you'll end up with a very large crater where your base once was.
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    AE2 & ExtraCells2 Autocrafting Issue (FTB Infinity 1.7.10)

    I might be wrong with this (as I haven't tried using a direct system myself) but as far as I know the AE recipes are quite specific. So when you put a bucket of resonant ender for the recipe the system isn't looking for resonant ender, it's looking for a bucket of resonant ender, ie the resonant...
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    Why won't my smelter drain into my casting table?

    The ratio is three aluminum to one copper for 4 aluminum brass and it's one ingot's worth of aluminum brass or two ingots worth of gold to make a cast, regardless of what type. Some mod packs have modified the cast value though (Project Ozone 2 for example has it at a much lower amount) Your...
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    Bug Yellorium Rods not working?

    First off, what sgbros1 said, you need to put it in the fuel access port. It will convert the yellorium into a liquid format which will fill the fuel rod. Second each rod column needs a control rod block on top. Third, you need to complete the reactor multiblock.
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    ME Auto-Crafting Problem in Sky Factory.

    yeah, the Molecular Assembler is meant for crafting on a request, not just automatically crafting when something comes in. To do that, you need to have something requesting at all times. A storage location connected with an export bus or ME interface with a crafting card in the bus/interface...
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    Applied Energistics 2 Questiono

    Well you have to remember that the channel limit is across the grid if they're connected, regardless of location. So you could have something 10 chunks away running one color off the controller using 8 channels. Hook something up nearby using the same color and if it connects with that other...
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    Question about Sky Factory 2.5.

    You don't use the inscriber at all in sky factory. The AE1 crafting method for chipsets is done in that pack.
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    Question about Sky Factory 2.5.3.

    You should be able to craft the floral fertilizer with vanilla items. Use that on grass blocks to get your flowers.
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    Need help getting more power!!!

    Sort of. The Cyanite (the waste product) can be put in a Cyanite Reprocessor to make Blutonium at a 2-1 ratio. The Blutonium can be fed into the reactor which functions identically to an equal amount of Yellorium. So while you can reuse it through the reprocessing, you will eventually run out...
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    Need help getting more power!!!

    Best one I can think of would be an active cooled reactor supplying 2 buckets of steam per tick to a ludicrite coil 80 blade turbine. you can pump the requisite 20k RF/t into an MFR Laser drill set up to maximize yellorite acquisition and still have 8k RF/t for other stuff. Alternatively with...
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    Is Using A Centralized Power Grid A Good Idea

    It depends on what you want for power generation and power consumption. A good rule of thumb is if your consumption in one are exceeds your generation or transfer (mining lasers are notorious for this but not alone) then setting them up with an isolated power network can be more beneficial...
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    Liquid Sorting

    To start of with, the ender fluid conduits can handle multiple fluids, so that's a non-issue. Now, you can filter each output but you need to filter every output for it to work properly. Remember, unless it's not on a whitelist or on a blacklist it's considered a viable destination. You will...
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    Best Tier 6 3- Blood Altar Setup [Which and How many Runes] These cover tier 5 altars but you can easily expand into tier 6 on your own.
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    I Derp, You Derp, We all Derp, What's your's?

    That was the kinesis pipes that was the april fools joke. The items explosion is real and is actually very old. It's just most people don't hit that limit.
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    Help with reactor/turbine setup

    Question, what is your turbine coil? a 36 block coil of ludicrite will easily stabilize an 80 blade turbine in the butter zone but other materials will need more blocks to get the same result. As for the reactor, unless you want to completely redesign it then you want to adjust your control rods...