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    2 suggestions

    Good morning all! I've got two suggestions that I think could be quite nice. 1. Slow originally promises that the ID maps for the pack would be made public so others could add their own mods to the pack around them and have some hope that ID conflicts won't come up in further updates. It...
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    Request RE Misc Peripherals

    Hey there guys! I wanted to get some thoughts on this and maybe hear from the FTB team is this is possible. With the recent version of misc peripherals you get certain advantages for moving the mod into the core mods folder, adding extra features and whatnot. Would it be possible for this...
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    Option to Disable Console

    Hey there guys. I've noticed this mentioned in a few LP's. It seems the console can interfere with the screen recording software people are using so may I suggest a way to easily enable or disable the console so that people can have the option to have this turned on or off depending on their...
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    1.4.5 in the works

    Well. It looks like Mojang is releasing a bug fix update to fix their bug fix update to fix their bug fix update. At least they are fixing the particle issues. I'm not sure how they didn't catch that in pre-release testing though.
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    GregTech Compression Recipes

    Hey guys! Thanks for putting together this awesome mod pack and launcher. So far it has been fun to play with but I do have one suggestion. I'm not concerned that the gregtech recipes are expensive (it adds an element of challenge I actually enjoy) however the change of needing to compress 9...