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    152 Beta Server Files

    Alright, i've tried looking for the server files, tried searching too. I cant find it. Any helpful forum users willing to point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    Unix Not enough memory (16GB Server with 15GB free)

    Stupid Question, how is your start / launch .sh file setup IRO memory allocation?
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    Open Server iDig MindCrack FTB [now FTB Ultimate]

    Hey, Can you please submit a super easy and quick whitelist membership application via where your in-game name will also be recorded for whitelisting.
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    FTB Ultimate Latency Issue?

    What are you running on?
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    Open Server iDig MindCrack FTB [now FTB Ultimate]

    Server IP | 20 slots | 24/7 | This is an Open Server. [Please note that atm, the server is whitelisted, this will be made open as soom as permissions are tested] Also, we are running FTB Ultimate :] Rules: # Sanctioned PVP only # No Griefing # No Stealing # No Hacking #...
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    What if you could use only one mod?!

    I'd have to say redpower, alternatively, thaumcraft 3
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    Problem Portal Gun Whitelist Working?

    I'm having the same problem. By default the list is a blacklist, by enabling the whilelist option it inverts the id's listed to blocks that CAN be lifted. However, the items I have listed cant be picked up.