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    Sprining Field of View

    While playing the DW20 1.6 pack, I've noticed that when I sprint, my FoV doesn't change. Personally, I like the FoV change when ever I sprint because it shows me that I am sprinting. What do you think about this feature. Also, what mod changes it? I can't seem to track it down.
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    Unleashed File Size

    The Unleashed pack (Unleashed version 1.1.0) has a rather large file to download. 131MB(ish) is quite a lot for a bit of code and some textures. I'm pretty sure Minecraft has a smaller file than this (But don't quote me on it). The file was a lot smaller in version 1.0.3, so I'm just wondering...
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    Colour Scheme

    Ok... It's gonna look a bit stupid making a thread for something so simple, but YOLO. (Why did I say that?) Anyway, I've made a tiny little shop thing and I want to know what colour scheme you think I should have. I only want to change the colour of the wool to fit the rest of the "building"...
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    Forge and Optifine

    Just wondering if anyone knew, but where does the compatibility between Forge and Optifine lay? Is Optifine's compatibility in Forge or vice versa? I'm only wondering this after seeing the following code in the FTB Launcher's console: 2013-03-26 16:53:12 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Forge Mod Loader...
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    TheCyberTronn's FTB YouTube Thread

    Hellooooo once again, ladies and gentlemen, I am TheCyberTronn and welcome to my FTB thread! This is going to be my main thread to find me and talk to me! I will be posting the first episode of each series to this thread, so you can keep track of all my series! So, maybe a few facts to get to...
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    TheCyberTronn's Map Collection!

    Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to TheCyberTronn's map collection! I have made a couple of maps for FTB and would like to share them with the community. This is the thread that I will continue to upload maps to, so please check back regularly to find new maps! All the information for the maps is...
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    Saved Password Sometimes Breaks

    Sometimes when I go to launch a mod pack with my password saved in, it denies my password. I go to look at it and it's about 50 characters when my password is 9 characters. Just wondering if this happens to anyone else and if there's a fix or anything like that. Thanks!