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    Server Worldgen is Different than Single Player Worldgen with Same Seed

    That basically it, I wonder what might be causing it? Have you ever experienced such a thing? I must note that both server and client are using identical mods, identical configs. Worldgen is DEFAULT on both. The list might be long though the mods that change world generation are basically...
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    IRC Client

    What do you use to access to IRC channels? I was planning to use mIRC though times have changed maybe so as clients.
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    Localization Problem

    I've been trying to localize the launcher, adding a language file to it. I've used the provided enGB file, translated the contents yet when I place it into the launcher and select the language, launcher refusing to display language spesific charachters such as "ı" or "ü". I am uploading a screen...
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    Windows .exe Ticking Screen on Connection to Server (SOLVED)

    I'll be providing a copy of the original problem also add the link to the latest level, it might seem like a double post though this place is better to post a problem that ruined over 40 hours getting close to 50 and left me without a solution. FTB Launcher version: 1.2.2 Minecraft Version...
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    Problem Buildcraft, Railcraft, Extrabiomes and Ticking Screen of Death!

    I've been working on this problem longer than I can recall. I've worked with lots of people and some just can not get into server they get ticking screen. I've even tried uploading MY WHOLE Ultimate installation and letting them to download. Today I've removed all of the mods and added them one...
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    Is it Caturday yet? YES it is!

    This is caturday like every other caturday it must be celebrated!
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    Personal Packs Suggestion

    Current launcher has the ability to include private packs which is a pretty good feature though more often than not I find myself experimenting with mods throwing some together, removing some from current packages just to see how it goes or just loading one mod to try it out without others. It...
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    Solved Direwolf20 Crashing with Architect Table

    What OS are you running? Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit Are you using minecraft hosting provider or a dedicated/local server not designed for minecraft? Local server. What version of FTB are you using? (Dont just say latest tell us the version) Direwolf20 v4 (1.4.6) Did you add any mods to the...
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    How to Make an Efficient Server

    I've been running a FTB Server through my laptop for close friends and family. I'm having too much lag, and server is stuttering all the time. I've tried increasing RAM, I've checked net and forums for solutions yet in the end I've returned empty handed. I have a modest laptop with 6 gigs of...
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    Problem How to Reroll Nether Without Changing Overworld Seed

    Greetings, I do hope you won't bash me with diamond shovels for such a noobish question please only use iron or stone shovels. I have a quite good overworld in my small private server -basically 5 people family & friends server- though we mostly reroll nether in order to get a good starting...
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    Hello There Smooth Skins

    Greetings people, after a bit of exploration -finding about Tekkit, then IC then Greg's Mod and learning about FTB- I am here. Currently I am experiencing FTB, learning about it and getting amazed. It is like the firm time I am on vanilla. I do hope it will continue on and thrive in the future...