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    A couple RotaryCraft questions.

    I'm using latest monster pack and I have some questions regarding new stuff in RotaryCraft. 1. What's the Liquid Distillator? It has a crafting recipe, but I can't find any information in the handbook. 2. Fuel-Powered Engine - 1) it shows that it has some sort of an input. What does it expect...
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    Factorization processing. Is it worth it? Also, a concept.

    I was bored a bit and derped with some Factorization in my test world. Tried to automate it with routers and AE.Now I think about it, and... well, in Ultimate you probably don't need to triple your Iron/Gold/Silver/Tin/Copper output while you are at the level when you can make such machine, so...
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    Ampz modpack. Is it OK?

    I wanted to try UE at least in a test world, and I was shocked. Textures for transformers, some cables and wiremill are missed, game starts to lag badly after a bit of gameplay and so on. Is it THAT bad? Also, I won't be surprised if mods are outdated. Endothermic missile works like conventional...
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    Liquid Tesseract bandwidth.

    How much steam can I transmit through L. Tesseracts? I want to use some input tesseracts and some output tesseracts hooked to the same frequency, so is there any limit per frequency?
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    Solid Boilers after 1.5.1. Wood source?

    As somepony of you know, SC will be nerfed in 1.5.1 so you will need a Galgadorian Wood Cutter cart with reinforced hull to harvest the same amount of wood with SC. So, what do you think? Will make those carts? Or use MFR? Or Forestry MultiFarm? What do you suggest?
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    Ultimate. Iridium Source?

    I was playing a bit, set up 4 steam turbines, Industrial Grinder + powered furnace processing line (with AE) And now I think... Do I need to make massfab to get Iridium? I want GraviSuit eventually, but there is an issue: I had one turbine in my DW20 world, and it took a lot of time to make...
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    Nuclear Power discussions. Sort of.

    UR MAD?! I don't know. I just see that it reduces amount of power needed by 100 times, so it helps to get UUM much faster. Did anypony used it like that or uranium is too valuable? I'm not going to make nuclear reactors BTW.
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    AE. Junk in the network

    I fanally started to use AE, and it is pretty convinient, especially for automation (autosupplying Fermenter with saplings and fertilizer by one export bus? Yes, please!), but I don't want to have all the junk items shown constantly - it looks like a mess... I'd like to sort them by categories...
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    Xycraft tank.

    OK, guys, I can't get this thing working. I've replaced every single wall and floor block, and it doesn't work. I have no idea what's wrong with that thing. Outside look Inside look
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    Blaze powder/rods?

    Guys, what is the good source of this substance apart of bees and EE exploit? I think I'll go bees or soul shards, but both things require some annoying waiting/grinding stuff... I need only three blaze powder as soon as possible to make my first boiler, but other things can wait a bit. I just...
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    Early AE?

    I was watching DW20 spotlight on AE, and there is an idea... Those chests from AE don't seem very expensive. What about using them instead of barrels in RP-based sorting system? Just preformat some disks and hook a bunch of chests to a tube - BAM! Autosorting is done! Has anypony done something...
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    What to do with BC power?

    OK, I have a way to produce a lot of BC power. Maybe not yet, but I'd come to it easily. Guys, what do you spend this power for? I was reading about somepony who use four 36HP boilers and I'm just wondering - what is the usage? Ore processing doesn't take that much... Mining? I don't use...