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    FTB Revelation crash on start up

    Title FTB Revelation crash on start up Launcher Type Server Modpack FTB Revelation Modpack version 1.8.0 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue Server has a small but active community, one player has advanced quite far...
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    IC2 reactor design tools

    Hi All, I'm going into IC2 stuff again after a year or so away from it, most of the old links from older threads no longer work. I found a JAVA based tool with a nice GUI here: Found this on GitHub...
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    Wuffle's FTB Beyond Adventures :)

    Well, Here I am, with a few basic materials on a new world. So, build myself a windmill :) Enjoyed a SunSet. First few days, looking to build a new adventure, will post regular updates, I am useless at the whole YouTube thing, so will just post in this thread as I stumble my way...
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    Has anyone good deep into OpenComputers

    This mod is fascinating me. But I'd like to know, has anyone here gone deep into OpenComputers or know of a good resource for really getting into OpenComputers? I want to see if I can get Robots to go and harvest my Pam's Tree Plantation (Lots of Pam's harvestcraft trees). -Wuffle!
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    Request DW20 1.10 - How to automate Pam's trees?

    Hi All, I'm trying to automate all of the things in Pam's HarvestCraft in the current release of the DireWolf20 1.10 modpack. The crops are easy to do, but I'm trying to find a solution for the various trees, I need to auto harvest and pick up the fruits from the trees without breaking the...
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    Request Looking to start an FTB Beyond server

    Hi All, Many of us here have been participating in MineCraft for years now, young and old alike, I myself have been playing through DireWolf20's let's play series for a few years now and have met quite a few people here on the FTB forums. I am considering hosting (via creeper host or similar...
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    Memory Leak with Refined Storage

    Title Memory Leak with Refined Storage Launcher Type Curse App Modpack DireWolf20 1.10 Modpack version 1.6 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue There appears to be a problem with Refined Storage in the...
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    Bug Possible memory bug in DW20 1.10 Version 1.6?

    Hi All, I've been having a lot of stability issues with the last two updated to the DW20 pack, granted they are still listed as beta. However, I was thinking of creating a new world on the current version of the Mod Pack, as the server just stopping with scarely little info in the debug log...
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    DW20 1.10 - Tinkers Weapons!

    Hi All, Looking for advice on best/most effective Tinkers weapons.. I'm wanting to build a really effective ranged weapon, any tips and advice appreciated. Also, tips and tricks people have encountered for really strong melee combos'.. Post them here! -Wuffle!
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    DW20 1.10 pack (latest update) Can't find Lapis.. anywhere :(

    Hi All, Not sure what's going on at the moment, i'm digging huge mines with my TC hammer and upgraded backpack compressing all teh cobblestone/gravel nicely. But i'm mining from level 25 down and all i'm seeing is Iron and copper, with the occasional tin and silver. Bauxite is extremely hard...
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    Magma slime trees!

    Hey i found this today in DW's 1.10 mod :) A Slime island in the Nether with Giant Nether slimes that drop magma creams :) And, you can grow trees in the overworld, i like the colours. Wonder if I can get slimes to spawn in over world? -WUffle!
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    DW20 1.10 - Tinkers tools! What are you making?

    Hi All, I love tinkers construct and it looks like things have been updated since the last DW20 pack. I'd love to see what combinations people have been coming up with! Post your best or most unusual tool combo's here "_ -Wuffle!
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    DW 1.10 - Item Laser hell ? Or is it just me?

    I have watched Dire's video several times now and re-created his set up. At first it worked, but after a while when i add more than half a dozen chests the filtering system stops working. When I remove chests from the system i still can't get this to work. After several hours (even going to...
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    Early projects in new DW20 pack

    Hi All, Looking at some of the Mod walkthrough's from DireWolf20 in his latest pack... So what are people thinking of as an early project for things like Power, Storage etc? -Wuffle!
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    Request Texture Packs supporting new DW20 pack?

    Hi All, Are there any Texture packs out there supporting all of (or most of) the mods in the new DW20 mod pack? -Wuffle!
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    New Direwolf20 pack??

    Hi all, Is it true? Is DW20 doing a new modpack/let's play series? Yay!! \o/ -Wuffle!
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    AE2 and Lag

    Hi All, I'm finding my multilevel AE2 base a bit laggy. I've got a LOT of P2P happening, storage busses... I have 120 ME Drive units each filled with ME storage modules, for 1200 storage modules. Got a heap of Deep Storage units going as well. For some reason it's all a little laggy. I am...
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    Curse client unable to install ANY FTB mod pack

    Title: Curse client unable to install ANY FTB mod pack Launcher Version: Latest as of 7th August 2016 Modpack: FTB Infinity Evolved and others Modpack Version: 2.5.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: The Curse Launcher fails to download mod packs, after about 80 or 90 mod's out of just over 120...
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    AE2 - Infinity evolved - can't get quantum link working...

    Hi All, I hope you can help me with this one.. I have decided to go off and start a new 'home' in MineCraft but I want remote access to power and my AE2 network back at the big data centre :) So I went and built myself the bits for two quantum entanglement multiblocks, and made the quantum...
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    Your AE2 Auto crafting setup

    Hey everyone, I'd be really fascinated to see what people have built for their AE2 setups, especially epic auto crafting :) Here's the first half of my data centre, main storage room 'A'. Pictures aren't the best but I've tried to emulate a data centre, cables are all under the floor...