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    Launcher bug w/ Ampz

    When I launch Ampz, the console says [10:19:25][ERROR]ClassLoader.defineClass1:-2->MinecraftLauncher.main:214: Unhandled error launching lg Any help???
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    Big question

    Where is the forum for bug reports?
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    Any good free games?

    Does anyone know any good free games?
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    Is there a forum for servers?

    I was just wondering, is there a thread/discussion for servers?
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    Idea for PvP map

    I have an idea for a PvP map for the Ultimate pack. It will probably use IC2, Thaumcraft, Secret Rooms, RedPower 2, maybe Mystcraft, and maybe some other mods. Post if you have any ideas and I will start building it soon!
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    Where is Ampz?

    I can't find the Ampz pack in the launcher. Any help?