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    Video game music (the most unique thread in existence)

    First of all, if a different section such as "Other Games" is a better place for this, can this please be moved? Anyways, fairly ordinary "post video game music here" thread. Preferably include a reason for liking the soundtrack in question. I'll start with a few personal favourites.
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    Worldgen fails

    This is a thread for really insane worldgen fails. Just ... post them if you find them. A few of those I found (neither of which I remembered to take screenshots of, dangit) : 1. Upon creating a world in a 1.3.2 custom modpack, I found that everything above the ground level was filled with an...
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    A War of Gifs

    Just got A War of Gifts, and a not-so-clever pun popped into my head. Rather than dismiss it as I do other not-so-clever puns, a forum game popped into my head, and I decided to go along with it. Rules: Same as the Google Picture War, except all images have to be animated gifs. And yes, I know...
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    Power Converters complaining thread

    Sorry, guys, this thread was probably unprecedented and unnecessary. So. Erm. Sorry. Can I get back to making out with Flowerchild?
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    Welcome to Name That Extremely Ridiculous Acronym That Nobody Knows What It Stands For Except The Original Poster of the Acronym In Question! The rules: One user posts a slightly crazy acronym for something. Preferably FTB-related, and I suggest they have many less letters than the title. 2-7...
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    The recent history of the FTB forums

    On Mass Defect (it'll probably be called something else by the time I'm done posting this) On Redpower 2 future in FTB In any case, I felt like this forum was taking a turn. Not necessarily a bad one, but a typical one, somewhat reminding me of the Technic forums or what I always...
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    RC transportation - Uses

    Most things, even when out-done already, still have some use. For instance, BC Pipes are useful for their interaction with TE machines and Gates. And Factorization's craftpacket system can be used to package Tiny Dust into Dust more efficiently (at least, once one ignores the fact that they're...
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    [SOLVED] World stops rendering

    Well, guys, told you I'd spam this forum with tech support issues for my personal, tailor-made "ultimate" pack, but I seem to only have one issue in SSP. After flying and/or walking a while out, the world decides to stop rendering. Given that going beyond this barrier keeps spazzing me out...
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    Which mod adds the "new" rubber trees?

    Just started playing with a modified version of the Ultimate pack, and I seem to be finding a new sort of rubber tree. They're not the ones from IC2 or Redpower, and I've seen them generate in a few biomes thus far. The log texture has almost a Painterly feel to it. So I was just wondering...
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    [Solved] Ultimate crashing upon creating a world, different crash every time

    Well, I tried every other pack other than Magic and Tech Worlds, and I'm getting a crash only on Ultimate every time I try to create a new world. I seem to get a different crash/lack thereof every time, but here's what I just got this time. I also got a NoClassDefFoundError: p, but...
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    Plus+ Pack

    Okay, I'll admit, as Guswut pointed out, this probably won't serve its original purpose, but I'm sufficiently angry at Plus+ that I'm posting this here anyway. Okay, looking through their mods, they distribute at least Thaumcraft 3 without permission, likely tons...
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    Compiling private modpack through FTB Launcher, Redpower

    Okay, I seem to have reached a minor hurdle, hopefully people have gotten here and know how to get past it, though I doubt it. Okay. Eloraam's conditions are fairly easy to meet, other than the "less than a month old" one (this is one minor issue and some help would be appreciated, though not...
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    Universal Electricity balance

    Just a question I wanted to propose. How well do you think the API Universal Electricity, with its addons, is compatible with: 1) Most of FTB, no GregTech 2) Most of FTB with GregTech My opinion is it feels a little OP, mostly owing to the fact that Mekanism's earlygame Steel recipe is a bit...
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    Railcraft Steam Turbine - EU production

    For a few reasons (mainly a creative build I'm thinking about making,) I wanted to ask a quick question. Over its lifetime, how much EU does a Railcraft Steam Turbine produce? (Fine, if you really want to know, I'm wondering if it can manufacture enough UUM to replenish the Turbine. Probably...
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    Remind me again why you thought a Saltpeter Factory would be easy?

    Make an automated, self-sustaining Saltpeter factory, they said. It'll be fun, they said ... The "cage" seen at the top is an tier 5 Enderman spawner which kills with Quicksand, along with a floor of Transposers. A lot of that RP2 wiring is to make sure the right ratios of Cells go to the...
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    Electric crafting table automation

    Greetings, fellow Mindcrackers! I have a GregTech-related question to anyone with experience with Electric Crafting Tables. I'm currently working on an automated, self-sustaining Saltpeter factory in Creative as part of my automated, self-sustaining Tree farm (the only way to renew...
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    Inventory match

    For various reasons (Saltpeter production for an automated Tree Farm, I need to keep cells going to the right places,) I need some way to emit a redstone signal if, say, a chest's inventory exactly matches a sample inventory. Is there any way to do this?
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    Tin, minor automation problem

    Okay, Mindcrackers. As a design challenge, I decided to make a fully self-sustaining Tree Farm in a custom modpack based around Mindcrack in Creative. My current dillema is Fertilizer Production (everything else is easy.) As there's no way to manufacture Apatite I've discovered, the only way...
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    Haven't made an introduction thread, so it's probably time. Hello! I elect to maintain the anonymity of the name "Whovian" for now, though I'm known as Craftiyan on the Minecraft forums. I'm a whovian (Doctor Who fan,) and primarily play FTB (well, a custom modpack based around Mindcrack,)...
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    Forestry multifarm, y u no worky?

    A couple screenshots to show what's going on: For fun, in Superflat, I decided to try to design a fully automated tree farm system (fertilizer production's gonna be tricky, but I can do it with GregTech.) The farm seems to not be laying down any Humus. However, if I put some down, it...