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  1. Gaz_

    Casual Server Monster Server - No Rules

    Hello, If you are interested in joining a monster server, please join the following ip. There are currently no rules & no plugins as i am just seeing how the pack runs on my server. If i decide to keep the server running, then there will be a map reset and protections added in.
  2. Gaz_

    [Fix] Duplicate Mods

    If you are having the issue where you have duplicate mods when launching a modpack please follow the following guide. It should fix the issue you are having. Re-install FTB Step 1: Open the launcher > click options and copy the install folder location. Step 2: Go to where you installed FTB...
  3. Gaz_

    [FIX] AWT-EventQueue-0 (Only console showing)

    Ive seen a few people here and on our support desk have an issue with only the console showing when they launch the launcher. To fix the issue, uninstall all java versions and reinstall the latest version of java 7. From feedback on the support desk, this has worked as a fix for everyone that...
  4. Gaz_


    Does anyone have a working LWC for a mindcrack server running build L15 of MCPC+? All of the versions that i use spams console with player event errors and lags the server when attempting to lock chests.
  5. Gaz_

    Server PvP Poll

    I'm creating a Mincrack server and I have been wondering if PvP should be enabled. Before enabling PvP I would like your opinions on this.