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    Ftb creative ways

    As none of you know, I am very uncreative. I want to build a super cool DIFFERENT base. (I am on unleashed) I am looking for rubegoldberg machine ideas, different or less commonly ways to get materials, cool base design(preferably modern since its ftb), non- AE storage and other stuff. As you...
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    Mac ftb Crashing

    When I start up FTB, it loads everything then it crashes. I'm not too good with computers or anything but I was able to detect that something is missing .. Obviously :P Here is the pastebin that was on the console Thank you for your help in advance
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    Best Non-lava power source for FTB pack Unleashed

    So my server,, recently changed from Ultimate Pack to the Unleashed Pack. I really liked Gregtech because I could come up with creative power source ideas. Being more of an IC2 person, I face more challenges because of Gregtech being removed. Anyone have any ideas that produce a...
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    Crashing When a Access MC-Crafting terminal

    I am running on the Ultimate Pack and it gave this error message *edit* When I try to access any ME inventory.... I crash Inventory too Minecraft has crashed! ---------------------- Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Rendering screen A full error report...
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    Help generating power

    Hello I am on the Ultimate Pack, (gregtech difficulty is on hard) and I need a way to generate nearly 1024 EU/t. Any suggestions?
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    Redpower elevator

    As the title states, I would like a design for a redpower elevator. Not thaumcraft, or railcraft, but Redpower. Personally I wouldn't like computers.....
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    How to generate 512 EU/t

    Hello, I was I need of a lot of power on my DW server, so i built a HV solar. But now I decided I want more power. (Eu) does anyone have suggestions that are not biomass, lava from the nether, tree farms, nuclear and solar?
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    Lava help

    Hello everyone! Recently I found that forcicium can produce 1.25 Million per forcicium. The MFFS extractor can accept either MJ or EU power. Since I want more EU ATM than MJ, I am using MJ to power the extractor. Here is the question. If I use UU matter to give craft Netherrack to a magma...