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    Using AE to decompress cobble

    So, I figured out how to get ME to make compressed cobble. I got a double chest full of octuple compressed cobble (yay me, I guess?) Now I'm doing a project that I'm using a lot of cobblestone for.. and I want to decompress it without doing it by hand. I've made the patterns needed, but I...
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    XP Orb issue

    So, I've got a small mob farm that uses visored iron golems so I can get drops (mainly wither skeleton skulls) but my problem is an overflow of xp orbs. Brains in a jar only hold so much. What I'm really wanting is a way to get rid of the xp orbs. Any suggestions? I've tried xp turtles, but...
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    Ancient Staff parts?

    So I made my map initially without biomes o plenty turned on. I later then turned it on, is it possible to still get the various gems I need to make an ancient staff (i.e. the biomes spawning even though the world type was default) or am I at the mercy of dungeon chests/loot bags/etc to get the...
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    Mo Creatures (Ultimate)

    So I'm trying to add Mo Creatures to ultimate, but I can't seem to get it to start. It freezes up at the Mojang screen every time, seems to be a block id conflict. Does anyone have a config file that works with ultimate that they'd be willing to share?
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    Is this a bug with extra biomes? (End portal related)

    So I did a lot of research about Extra biomes and end portals, and nothing conclusive came up. My world was generated fresh with FTB Ultimate coming out. I used AMIDST to find the strongholds, because Eyes of Ender were lying. (They still do even after I've found the actual strongholds) One...
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    Editing a FTB map.

    Okay, I've tinkered with the new dev version of MCEdit, which lets me do some basic modifications to my map. Is there another editor out there that would let me find/replace blocks from mods though? I tried with MCEdit, and while it sort of works (gets rid of the old block) it pastes a blank...
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    Trying to recover an old tekkit map

    Trying to port an old tekkit map over to FTB Ultimate, but no matter what I try, the world always crashes. If someone could point me at a good spot for free hosting, I'm willing to upload a world save for others to try. My kids did a lot of work on this map when we ran it as a private server...
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    Mindcrack Matter Fabricator issue

    so updating to the new version, I've noticed that my matter fabricator is going about 10 times as slow. Did they get nerfed again and I might need to change something in my configs to put them back how they were? Thanks
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    Mob Deterrants

    So I used to play tekkit, and I got really used to EE2's interdiction torches. I know EE2 is a thing of the past, but within the various FTB packs, any ideas on what to use to keep mobs away other than just vanilla methods of keeping things well lit? I tried portal turrets, but with default...
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    Magic World server?

    Ok, to make things properly, do I need some sort of special server jar (like the ftb beta server jar) or can I just take the vanilla server jar, add forge and all that and build it myself?
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    Automatic Breeding

    So. I know how to do this with redpower, but haven't a clue where to begin without it. Any tips?
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    Pneumatic Tube replacement?

    Tubes are the major thing I miss about red power, and I know that'll be done when it's done. Anyone have any suggestions on a mod I could go grab and add to have the same sort of tubes?