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  1. Cptqrk

    An item recycler

    I think there is a item called an Uncrafting Table from the Twilight Forrest mod. There is also this: but i think it's a dead mod, and hasn't been updated since 2017.
  2. Cptqrk


    A mod, and a modpack are two totally different things. Veinminer is a mod (and so is Ore Excavation for that matter), it can be included in modpacks. Mods = individual modifying addons you can add to minecraft. Modpack = a collection of individual mods, typically curated to give a new...
  3. Cptqrk

    How's modded looking nowadays?

    Not so much of a progression system, but rewards for making/doing things. Shaders do work with it, as far as i know, but the pack is already quite large (I run it with 8gigs of RAM) so YMMV.
  4. Cptqrk

    How's modded looking nowadays?

    Shaders have looked amazing for years now... so, no need to worry about that. Omnia is the latest FTB pack and it's for 1.15, but it doesn't feel that developed. The twitch launcher is still top dog for variety of packs, and ease of creating your own. The FTB launcher is new, but is still a...
  5. Cptqrk

    Could use some inputs and ideas for building modpack

    Has Embers actually fleshed out a bit to actually do stuff? I lost track of that mod a long time ago
  6. Cptqrk

    Could use some inputs and ideas for building modpack

    Not to pile on to BWM, but if you are going to implement it, you will need to gate other tech/magic off until after you feel the player has done enough with it. While it has a very pleasing aesthetic, (I love the idea of the windmills and gear boxes/shafts) it is quickly outpaced/replaced by...
  7. Cptqrk

    Could use some inputs and ideas for building modpack

    I always found better with mods to be more of a hassle than 'fun'... The hunger mechanic, the hard coded hard mode assosiated with it always makes me sigh heavily when I see it in a pack.
  8. Cptqrk

    Could use some inputs and ideas for building modpack

    Might I suggest Waystones for 'fast travel'? Very magic looking, generate in villages, and can be player crafted. Never mind.. saw it in your list... was a bit hard to find not being sorted LOL When it comes to Fire and Ice, do us all a bit of a favor and tone down the number of Dragons that...
  9. Cptqrk

    Lots of questions surrounding ram usage for server, and clients

    6 year necro... well done.. :) Could have been an issue 6 years ago.
  10. Cptqrk

    Botania Question: How To Daisy Chain Sparks?

    I believe you are looking at using the spark augments. Botania isn't quite like other mods so this may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it is what it is. Recessive augments will push mana into other pools with sparks above them, using these you can theoretically move mana to...
  11. Cptqrk

    FTB Should be able to run in Offline Mode!

    No no no.. 'alternative' versions is a nice way of saying cracked Minecraft.exe... so... no pirated games allowed.
  12. Cptqrk

    TWO nether iridium ores right next to each other!

    @FadeadRuss The last post was from 2015...
  13. Cptqrk

    FTB and the future

    I think what I was referring to when I said curated/well balanced packs, were things like the Pyramid Map and FTB's expert mode with that one pack. But I see where you are coming from there ShneekyTheLost. The launcher does what it does, but I think a lot of folks got spoiled with the...
  14. Cptqrk

    FTB and the future

    LordPINE: Good points. Nuclear_Creeper0: Agreed. FTB's calling card (IMO) was well curated/balanced packs, until Interactions, but that was due to mostly one mod and it's time gated crafting. A return to well put together packs/maps is what I'm seeing from the both of you... Anyone else?
  15. Cptqrk

    Why does chat from other players show up when I'm playing a singleplayer game on my home PC?

    It's a mod called MineTogether (IIRC) It basically puts your chat into a large chat server. You can safely remove the mod, or click on the tab in the chat window to hide it.
  16. Cptqrk

    FTB and the future

    Hello folks, As a long time member of the forums, and player of FTB packs/maps I wanted to bring up this discussion topic. FTB has gone through a lot over the years, starting off as a modded challenge map, moving on to it's own mod pack platform, pairing up with Curse, cutting ties with Curse...
  17. Cptqrk

    Request Looking for recommended energy machines!

    Have you looked into the turbines that you can make with Big Reactors? Great way of putting more omph to your reactors
  18. Cptqrk

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Maybe a silly thing, but make sure you are both using the same version of the pack, no mod changes etc..
  19. Cptqrk

    That map....

    I don't feel it would be the place for 'feedback' The issue tracker is for bugs (imo)
  20. Cptqrk

    That map....

    So, after futzing around for a while I did finally get the FTB app to install properly. I downloaded and fired up OMNIA to check out the latest and greatest... I fully understand that it's got a ways to go, as it is the early days of 1.15 modded. One thing tho, that map mod... Mappy? The...