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    Enchanted books and barrels - not stacking properly

    So I hooked my mob/xp grinder up to an xp turtle to auto enchant books, and sent the output into a barrel/diamond pipe sorting room. At first, it all worked ok. The barrels would stack books with the same enchantment and level on them, and i went around putting signs in front to tell what they...
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    Gregtech cfg files, NEI, and playing on servers

    I edited a couple things in Gregtech's cfg files for my own single player world, one thing of which is some of the 'hard' recipes, like IC2 machines, but now when I play online, NEI is showing the 'easy' recipes, and the machines show in the crafting table when I place down the 'easy' recipe...
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    Optifine Chunk Loading Problem with Longer Than Far Render Distance

    I'm having massive chunk loading problems with Optifine and FTB Ultimate 1.0.1. When I travel more than a few hundred blocks from where I spawn in upon launching FTB, the chunks just stop loading. I've tried Optifine HD_U_D5, HD_D4, and HD_C3, and they all do the same thing. Forge is at 534 in...