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    Thaumcraft 4.1 automation

    With thaumcraft 4.1 crucible automation is very easy. Arcane infusion isn't that hard too, you can just pump items to pedestals using itemducts, but arcane workbench crafting is very tricky. I used item shifter, but it totally don't work, turtles were much better, I managed to get items into...
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    Guide: Most efficient Mob essence farm with snow golems (EASY TO BUILD)

    Pros: Don't need any players nearby Fully automated Highly efficient Very easy to build Cons: Can't be build in desert This farm automatically builds and kills snow golems. Unlike hostile mobs farms (like zombie farm or enderman farm) you don't need to be in about 128 blocks radius and it's...
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    Thaumcraft 4 golems no longer drop XP

    I have a simple cow farm and I decided to kill them with golems. But mobs killed by golems no longer drop experience. Is it bug or it should be like that?
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    Prevent mob spawning without light in end world

    I have a mystcraft age: end world, single biome, meadows, normal sun and moon with cycles like in overworld, etc. And i like to have a nice road with some lamps turn on at night. But I really don't like have everywhere torches or any other light source to prevent mob spawning, because it will...