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    [1.6.4 Direwolf / Monster] Water Base

    The 1.6.4 version of the water base There is a chest with all needed materials to expand the base if needed. Empty Base: Direwolf 1.0.19 - base location 290x 230z Monster 1.1.1 -
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    [FTB Ultimate] Starter Base / Advanced Base

    It's construction foam wall from industrial craft. Check You can paint them in any color with a painter (industrial craft painter). The problem is, it's not an easy task to build these walls - it takes time to place wooden...
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    [FTB Unleashed] Starter Base

    I've ported the base i did for ultimate to unleashed as requested. The base is empty, no machines, only some wires/liquiducts that run thru the main pillars (to point the way it was designed to work). Pls note, i've used FTB Unleashed (1.1.3 recommended) with Biomes'o plenty ENABLED (good to...
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    [FTB Ultimate] Starter Base / Advanced Base

    Done! Check the other thread. It was redone from scratch, as couldn't do anything with mcedit, but it was fun building it :)
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    [FTB Ultimate] Starter Base / Advanced Base

    I'll start working right now on one for unleashed. If everything works fine with mcedit, it might be done in 1-2 days. If things look too bad with copy/paste, ill rebuild one in creative, but it will take some more days.
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    [FTB Ultimate] Starter Base / Advanced Base

    This is a starter base for FTB Ultimate (yea, it's not minecraft 1.5, but I like redpower too much). Everything was done in survival / no item spawns. base coords 55, -170 -The first variant is just an empty base - you can configure / expand it however you wish...